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What is the best material for shower trays? Acrystone® vs. Acrymold®

18 Jan, 2022

A unique bathroom can only be created with cutting-edge pieces, and that is what we specialise in. Every decision count as it affects the future, so it is crucial to know which is material is the best. These nuances make a difference and form part of the personality that a shower tray will give to the room, transforming the concept and design of the bathroom

Which material should you choose for your shower tray?

Some of the best shower trays are made with natural stone, resins, or mineral fillers due to their excellent performance. Solid surface, ceramics, and acrylic materials are also used. Each one has its own advantages and unique characteristics, as we explain in this post.

Our made-to-measure non-slip shower trays are designed to make every bathroom unique, so that every use is an experience.

Extra slim, very light, yet strong and durable, they are designed to make the task of installing a shower tray simple and efficient.

Shower tray material guide

Resin shower trays with Acrystone® technology

materiales platos de ducha

NOVA shower tray

As part of our ongoing quest to improve people's lives, our resin shower trays with Acrystone® technology guarantee exceptional mechanical properties.

  • They are based on the union between a mass of recycled polyester resin and mineral fillers. 25% of the resin is made with PET bottles from post-consumer waste.
  • The remaining 75% is composed of highly pure and quality dolomite: resistant, noble, and abundant in our environment.
  • They are coated with a thick outer layer of Life Coat, our gel formulation that we use on materials to provide them with unparalleled durability and strength.

Advantages of resin shower trays

  1. Warm and pleasant touch that also provides a high level of slip resistance.
  2. Possibility of customisation: we offer various colours and the option to cut the shower tray according to the needs of the space or the people who use it.
  3. Easy and efficient installation: they can be installed flush with the floor or with a step onto it. They are lightweight and normally have defined slopes, so the installer only needs to ensure that they are perfectly flat.
  4. Totally waterproof: a major advantage over shower trays made of masonry, as the latter can only be made waterproof using internal coatings, such as asphalt fabric, and by correctly sealing the joints.
  5. Easy maintenance and cleaning

Inspiration: it is the best shower tray material for bathrooms with a polished cement finish, providing an industrial feel.

materiales platos de ducha

Andromeda basalto environment

Solid Surface shower trays

materiales platos de ducha

Another of the best materials for shower trays is the Acrymold® Solid Surface material: functionality and aesthetics on another level.

  • It is 'all mass’ and non-porous, with no coating on the outside, no fibres on the inside and no visible joints.
  • It is a solid and durable shower tray material, that is also not toxic.

ORIGIN in Acrymold® Solid Surface, a more advanced, lighter biomimetic design

  • It is lighter than conventional resin shower trays: part of the ORIGIN series, its internal body has a parametric design that reproduces the geometry of a honeycomb structure, thus creating the lightest and most sustainable tray to date, but with high mechanical strength.
  • Its drainage is also based on the golden ratio, considered to be the most beautiful and harmonious, and the most pleasing to the human eye. This design controls drainage in a natural way and improves water disposal from the drain.

Advantages of Acrymold® Solid Surface shower trays

  1. Soft and velvety to the touch, this warm shower tray material has a minimalist aesthetic in matte white.
  2. It is very versatile in design.
  3. It is repairable: any damages, however unlikely, can be repaired without uninstalling the tray.
  4. It is very hygienic as it is a non-porous surface, thus preventing the proliferation of bacteria, and is very easy to clean.
  5. It is 100% sustainable

Inspiration: the best shower tray material for white, bright and energising bathrooms.

materiales platos de ducha

Ambient Centuria Smooth white

Other shower tray materials

Ceramic shower trays:

These are the best known and most traditional shower trays.

Their most impressive characteristics include durability and resistance to scratching, although it is a material that is vulnerable to impact. They are difficult to repair if they get damaged.

They are simple and easy to clean and have an average service life of 20 to 30 years.

One downside is that they do not have anti-slip properties, so it is a material that is very easy to slip on.

Acrylic shower trays:

As the name suggests, acrylic shower trays are made of a material called acrylic. They are generally reinforced internally with fibreglass to provide the shower tray with more body and strength.

They are easier to install than ceramic trays, as they are lighter in weight. They also provide more grip and a warmer feel.

However, like ceramics, they cannot be cut and are only available in a standard manufacture design. Depending on the interior, they are more likely to buckle upon impact, making them less resistant overall than shower trays made from other materials.

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