Malenke shower trays

A solid and compact shape, the ideal solution for a small bathroom with a great personality.

Do you want a custom shower tray?

mcbath Malenke Collection

Our Malenke resin shower tray features a quadrant shape, is ultra-slim and has a stone finish that offers a feeling of great warmth.

It can come with square stainless-steel grille or a discreet waste cover with the same finish as the shower tray. You can choose between a centered or off-centre drain on one of the corners of the shower tray. In any case, it is a shower tray with high drainage capacity, despite being ultra-slim. Like all our shower trays, it comes with a high quality wastepipe.

mcbath provides multiple bespoke options. In addition to the type and location of the grille, you can choose a frame and colour. We offer a wide variety of colours to match perfectly with your bathroom. You can choose from the colours Antracita, Marfil, Beige, Blanco, Capuccino, Basalto, Grafito, Cemento, Fango or Perla.

The standard dimensions of the quadrant ultra-slim Malenke are 80x80 cm, 90x90cm and 100x100 cm. It has a height of 3cm (3.5 cm including the frame).

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