Semicircular shower trays

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FAQ about radiant shower trays

What are the available sizes of radiant shower trays?

Our Malenke radiant shower trays are avalaible in 80x80cm, 90x90cm or 100x100cm, with a radius of 55cm. Its thickness is 3cm or 3,5cm depending on the wastepipe, and has a stone texture.

As well as its 10 standard colour, you can choose one of our RAL. You can also choose between a stone wastepipe cover or a square grille in 10 colours.

Using a tape measure, we measure the two straight sides of the wall. This will give us the measure of the shower tray.

In order to know the radius, over the perimeter of the plate, we need to identify the point in which the curve begins and draw an imaginary line from that point to the opposite side. We mark the point where both lines cross and measure from there to the center of the curve. This will be the radius.

Radiant Shower Trays

In addition to the standard angular shower trays, you can a shower tray made to measure. We also manufacture them in different textures and in the colors of the RAL chart. You can request a proposal to have a bespoke shower tray through this form.

Our quadrant resin shower trays are manufactured with Acrystone technology. Lightweight, safe and superior resistance shower trays containing an internal mass based on mineral load and recycled polyester resins, with an outer layer of high-quality gel coat.

Its properties are:

  • Lighter. Manufactured with low weight mineral loads and ultra-slim, only 3cm thick, they facilitate a quick installation.

  • Safer. They are non-slip and hygienic, easy to clean and maintain. In addition, thanks to their low thickness, they minimize possible architectural barriers.

  • Resistant and durable over time

  • Sustanaible: we use high-end recycled materials and natural raw materials.

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