Round wahsbasins

The round washbasins we propose are a solution of vivid and organic design, and essential lines. A new way of conceptualizing a more naturalized bathroom. 

Our modern round washbasins offer unrivalled safety and hygiene properties, and are designed for great adaptability to different bathroom designs. Easy to clean and maintain, they are manufactured with antibacterial treatment to prevent the proliferation of microorganisms and bacteria.

Do you want a custom washbasin?

FAQ about round washbasins

What are the available round washbasins?

We offer models of different sizes and forms of installation, such as countertop round basins or inset round basins. The standard models include small round basins with a diameter of 30cm.

Round Washbasins

Soft and rounded, our modern round washbasins convey an iconic, ergonomic and beautiful essence.

Our washbasins are developed in two types of materials. Acrystone, composed of a mass of recycled polyester mineral load and resins and coated with a thick outer layer of gel coat; Acrymold® Solid Surface is a type of non-porous and very safe material through which we get a soft and warm finish in matte white.

Some models such as Wok in its Acrymold® version, combine the white color with the decoration made with Acryprint, incorporating on the outside natural stone reproductions.

Our round washbasins made of Acrystone can be chosen in 10 colors although if you want you can customize them in the colors of the RAL chart.

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