Rectangular shower trays

Rectangular shower trays are the most standard shape for shower trays. Our catalogue includes varied options in geometry, finish and texture and colours.

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FAQ about rectangular shower trays

What are the available sizes?

Each collection features standard measures, from 70cm to 100cm wide, and from 80cm to 210cm high.

Apart from the standard catalogue, we can also manufacture shower trays to special order. You can also choose its texture and colour, according to the RAL chart.

You can order a bespoke rectangular shower tray via our form.

All Acrystone shower trays can be cut. Being all mass, cutting them does not affect its colour so you do not need to paint them.

Rectangular Shower Trays

Apart from our catalogue of rectangular shower trays in standard sizes, our shower trays can be made to special order, choosing one of our colours of the RAL chart and textures. In addition, the models manufactured in Acrystone® can be cut on site.

We have two options, featuring different technology and materials. The Solid Surface Acrymold shower trays are made of a high-performance, solid material

  1. Acrystone® shower trays, whose composition is based on mineral loads bound to recycled polyester resins, covered by an outer layer of gel coat. On this same material base, we have developed Acryprint®, a decoration technology on the gel coat that lets reproduce natural stone textures and finish.

  2. Acrymold® Solid Surface shower trays are made of a high-performance, solid, non-porous and homogeneous mineral-based material (ATH: Alumina trihydrate, a bauxite derivative) and a small quantity of natural resins that allow its regeneration.

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