Shower Wall Panels

Continuous coverings for showers, which can be installed over any tile or wall surface. 

Shower panels

Our shower wall panels are a practical and perfect solution in case of swapping an old bath for a shower tray and you need a wall covering which can be easily fitted without the need to carry out any works.

Do you want a custom panel?

FAQ about shower panels

What materials are our shower panels made from?

Mcbath shower panels are available in Acrystone®, made from light mineral fillers bonded with recycled polyester resins, very hard-wearing and long-lasting.

Our shower panels, just like our shower trays, are also coated with Life Coat – our gel coat – making them even tougher.

Mcbath shower panels are available in various sizes: 70-250 cm in length and 60-120 cm in width. They can be cut for an exact fit in any particular space. That’s why they can be used in any room.

No building work is required. They can be installed on any type of surface or tile, a perfect wall covering for the shower. Mcbath shower panels are extra thin at 6- 9 mm, which makes them very light and easy to install. We advise engaging an installer.

Installing shower panels allows you to unify the walls and the shower tray for the seamless look that comes from using the same finish. They are easy to clean and long-lasting. 

Wall Covering Shower Panels

As they can be fitted directly over the top of walls or tiles, you can save space and achieve more comfort when swapping a bath for a shower tray. You can also choose a panel in the same texture of the tray and the fitting is very easy without the need to carry out any works.

Our wall panels are available in the following textures: vulcano, stone, slate and smooth. In order to combine them with any of the shower tray we produce, they are available in 10 standard colours (Blanco, Marfil, Beige, Capuccino, Fango, Perla, Cemento, Basalto, Antracita o Grafito). As well as our shower trays, they are available in any of our RAL colour chart.

A new concept of shower wall panels. Extra flat, only 0,9cm and 0,6cm thick, light, resistant and everlasting, they can also be cut. Our shower walls panels are the ally for a quick and perfect fitting.

Our panels can be combined with our Acrystone catalogue. Being made from the same material of our shower trays, you can obtain a ‘total look’ in your shower enclosure and a modern and minimalist bathroom.

Available dimensions from 70 a los 250cm height and from 60 to 120cm in width.

They are easy to clean and maintain using a damp cloth, water and detergent.

revestimiento pared de ducha - pannello rivestimento doccia - shower covering panel - panneau de revêtement de douche

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