Lavabos de resina Acrystone®

Resin washbasins are a revolution for their great possibilities in customization. A lightweight, sturdy and durable material, available in 10 standard colours and RAL on request. 

In addition, thanks to the Acrystone technology you can opt for a washbasins made to special order, since they can be combined with cut-out countertops for a better fit on site that, being of pigmented mass, do not require painting.

Do you want a custom washbasin?

FAB about our gel coat washbasins

Resin or porcelain washbasins?

Resin washbasins offer multiple advantages over the porcelain washbasins, as is their lightness. We apply low-weight mineral loads, use high-end recycled materials and use natural raw materials. In addition, our washbasins can be customized in their color (10 colors available and the possibility of customizing them in the colors of the RAL chart) and get a total look by combining them with other elements such as shower trays or panels.

We recommend you a soft sponge or cloth with mild soap, avoiding fibers and abrasive products. To treat possible lime stains, use specific products or mix white vinegar and water in equal parts.

We offer repair kit for our resin washbasins.

Mineral load washbasins

This mineral load basin is based on a composition with a mass of mineral load mixed to recycled polyester resins, covered by a thick outer layer of gel coat. This gel coat washbasin has a very safe antibacterial surface for bathroom spaces.

Our washbasins are available in 10 colours or one of our RAL, allowing to combine with our Acrystone shower dishes. we offer different types of washbasins, such as the resin countertop washbasin or wall-hung.

Our vision is based on excellence in technological processes. We constantly strive to perfect compositions, materials and processes.

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