The mcbath Solid Surface

Discover the revolutionary technology that elevates bathroom fittings to an exceptional level of durability, comfort and design.

What is solid surface?

"A new material of high solid performance, non-porous and homogeneous made from natural resins that allow its regeneration"

Solid Surface Acrymold is a material of natural mineral composition (ATH: Alumina trihydrate, a bauxite derivative) and one-third polyester resin modified with Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA). This mineral composition gives a solid, homogeneous and non-porous surface, with an unparalleled matte whiteness and resistance.

Its homogeneous structure means that it does not deteriorate, come apart or peel away, and that it can be regenerated and restored to its original state. The high melting temperature of the material makes it possible to create curved shapes and obtain surfaces with imperceptible joints.

A new generation material that offers a plus of exclusivity, aesthetics and design in all types of projects.




It is a 'all mass' material that has no outer layer or skin or inner fibers. Therefore, it is non- porous. This feature makes it a material very easy to clean and maintain.



Based on a homogeneous composition throughout its volume, it is a solid and robust material. Resistant, easy to clean and durable. Stain resistant

It can be manufactured without visible joints, maintaining a completely hygienic non-porous surface.



It prevents bacterial and fungal proliferation.


Non toxic

It is an inert, harmless and safe material with no toxicity.


Silky to the touch and with a minimalist finish

Its smooth and silky touch makes it a warm material in matte white.


Solid Surface has become popular in recent years as a high-end bathroom material. It possesses clear benefits in wet rooms such as the bathroom, especially in its application to the manufacturing of shower trays.



It lets you achieve a high variety in designs, colors and finish thanks to its coloration using pigments added to the mass

"All mass"

A material of unusual solidity thanks to its homogeneous composition throughout its mass that makes it resistant to impacts and daily wear.


Acrymold® Solid Surface shower trays are resistant to daily wear, humidity or temperature changes. In addition, in case of small scratches, it is a repairable material.

Hygienic and safe

Easy to clean and maintain, its non-porous and anti-slip composition make it a safe material that prevents the proliferation of bacteria and microorganisms, both on its surface and in the joints.


A material that can be regenerated and moulded in order to personalize the space. Possible damage that may be caused by improper use can be repaired on site in the majority of cases without having to completely replace the material.


It is low emissions and 100% recyclable material.


Clean with a green scrubber and microparticle cleaners. Rub in circle motion and then rinse. This will regenerate its surface.

For a better result, use bleach-based cleansers.

In case of stubborn stains, leave bleach on for 5 minutes and then rub repeatedly with sponge. Rinse with water.

mcbath Acrymold® Solid Surface shower trays

We bring the future of shower trays closer to transform the bathroom of the present.

Our Solid Surface is a smooth and warm surface, with all the advantages of a non-slip and customizable shower tray.

Our vision of the future has led us to manufacture a state-of-the-art Solid Surface technology with natural components that achieve impeccable shower trays and bathroom products for superior resistance and hygiene.

The advanced answer for future projects that demand customization, safety and aesthetics. The shower tray that adapts to any bathroom.

Acrymold® Solid Surface bathtubs

Surfaces for daily bathing. 

An innovative material with which we achieve bold, sensitive designs. The softened finish and velvety texture of these bathtubs offer true Wellness experiences.

Acrymold® Solid Surface washbasins

Personalisation and hygiene.

Acrymold® Solid Surface is the perfect choice for hygienic, aseptic spaces. Poreless, easy to clean and maintain, safer washbasins and surfaces can be created, preventing the proliferation of bacteria and microorganisms.

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