Cement effect shower trays

The texture of our polished cement effect resin shower trays allows you to connect with a serene state through raw aesthetics and aesthetics from the past such as those used in industrial style design.

Do you want a custom shower tray?

Polished cement texture shower trays

The cement texture shower trays by mcbath have avant-garde properties thanks to new technological materials that are lighter and more hygienic, such as Acrystone®, developed by mcbath, ideal for agile installations that shorten execution times and costs. Its thickness of only 3 cm means it can be installed flush with the floor and avoids architectural barriers.

They are certified with a high degree of anti-slip, Class 3, according to the UNE-ENV 12633:2003 standard, so they are notable for their high level of safety.

Concrete effect shower trays that are pleasant to the touch, which increase functionality in the bathroom by integrating a resistant material within an industrial aesthetic.

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