Lavabos encastrados bajo encimera

Inset washbasins are a form of installation that allows the washbasin to be integrated into the countertop or furniture. Highly minimalist aesthetics are achieved that offer visual cleaning and take advantage of the space of the countertop to 100%.

Do you want a custom washbasin?

FAQ about Inset Basins

Question: How to install an inset basin?

mcbath built-in washbasins are served as a one piece compact finished product, so their installation is simple. They can be ordered completely inset or semi-recessed. We recommend you using expert installers to carry out this work.

Inset Basins

Among the advantages of built-in washbasins their greater functionality stand out, offering more comfortable depths and easiness to maintain.

We offer different shapes inset basins, such as square, inset basins with rectangular countertop or round inset washbasin. Our models fit flush, creating a totally smooth surface, without obstacles for cleaning, or semi-recessed, slightly protruding from the counter.

Our coinset washbasins are developed in two types of materials, which adds possibilities to this equipment. Acrystone is the technology composed of a mass of recycled polyester mineral loads and resins coated with a thick outer layer of gel coat; Acrymold® Solid Surface is a type of non-porous and very safe material through which we get a soft and warm finish in matte white.

Acrystone offers 10 standard colours and the possibility to customize the basin in one of our RAL colous on request, combining them with our shower trays and achieving a total look in the bathroom. A lightweight, durable and lasting material. In addition, with Acrystone technology you can get built-in basins, as some countertops can be cut out on site and, being ‘all mass’, they do not need painting.

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