Lavabos Solid Surface Acrymold®

Solid Surface basins are a revolutionary solution that elevates equipment to an exceptional level of durability, comfort and design.

This material allows us to achieve Solid Surface basins made to measure, with versatile designs and organic shapes. It offers a futuristic aesthetic and minimal appearance in matte white, and stands out for its silky and warm touch.

Do you want a custom washbasin?

FAQ about our Solid Surface and made to measure basins

What are the advantages of a solid surface basin?

Acrymold® Solid Surface is a new solid, non-porous and homogeneous high-performance material made from natural minerals (ATH) and natural resins. Its mineral and natural composition achieves a solid surface of unprecedented resistance. Its ‘all-mass’ structure means that it does not deteriorate, peel away or come apart, and that it can be regenerated and restored to its original state.

Solid Surface Washbasins

Solid Surface Acrymold® washbasins and countertops are resistant, easy to clean and durable over time. They are manufactured without visible joints, maintaining a hygienic and non-porous surface, which prevents bacterial and fungal proliferation. Being an inert material, it does not present toxicity.

Among the washbasin models made of this material, we find different types of installation, such as solid surface countertop washbasins, wall-hung washbasins or inset washbasins.

Some models such as Wok in its Acrymold® version, combine the white color with the decoration made with Acryprint, incorporating natural stone finish on their outer part.

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