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FAQ about resin slate shower trays

How to clean a slate shower tray?

Despite having a higher degree of anti-slip resistance, very rough textures can be difficult to clean. Our shower trays maintain a perfect balance between safety and ease of maintenance.

You should clean the shower tray with a soft sponge or cloth and use mild soap, avoiding abrasives products and fibers.

Our slate resin shower trays manufactured in Acrystone are developed to withstand, with high hardness and wear resistance. They are made with a colored mass, so you do not need to paint it. However, in case of any alteration, we have a repair kit and a recovery kit that will help restore the shower tray to its original state.

Centuria Slate shower trays are available in 10 standard colours, (blanco, marfil, beige, capuccino, fango, perla, cemento, basalto, antracita and grafito), and you can also chooseamong one of our RAL colours.

Platos de ducha imitación pizarra

The sensations of our resin slate shower trays connect us to nature. Its stone finish provides a feeling of well-being, health and relaxation, and creates more natural and humanist shower environments. 

Slate Shower Trays

mcbath slate textured shower trays are certified with a high degree of Class 3 anti-slip resistance, according to UNE-ENV 12633:2003, so they are characterized by their great safety. In addition, its thickness of only 3cm can be installed at ground level and avoids architectural barriers. mcbath slate texture shower trays (slate finish) are certified with a high degree of Class 3 anti-slip, according to UNE-ENV 12633:2003, so they are characterized by great safety. In addition, thanks to its thickness of only 3cm, it can be installed flat to floor avoiding architectural barriers.

Properties added to its hygiene and lightweight, ideal for quick renovations that reduce implementation times and costs. Slate shower trays comfortable to the touch and sturdy.

A revolution that transformed the bathroom idea and boosts new trends in its concept and design.

platos de ducha antideslizantes

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