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Our way of living the space is increasingly flexible and requires adaptable and customizable solutions. White is a neutral tone that has the ability to create other colours, visually amplify the bathroom and combine different decorative styles in harmony. Read more +

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FAQ about white shower trays

How to clean a white shower tray or a white slate shower tray?

In order to clean a resin shower tray without damaging it, we recommend using mild soap and a soft cloth or sponge (avoiding abrasive fibres). Lime stains can be removed with specific products or with water and white vinegar mixed in equal parts. The majority of models of our shower trays are repairable using a repair kit.

White shower Trays

You will find white shower trays in two technologies developed at mcbath:

1. Acrystone technology, which achieves bathrooms with lightweight, comfortable shower trays with superior resistance. The composition of this technology is based on mineral load mixed to recycled polyester resins in their mass, covered by an outer layer called a gel coat. Available in different shades of finish, such as blanco, beige or marfil.

2. Acryprint technology, an advanced decoration technique on the gel coat, which also manages to represent textures on white resin shower trays that imitate natural stone, such as the blanco Calacatta finish.

Our white shower trays are:

  • Ultra-flat and lightweight

  • Can be cut out and are ‘all mass’, so cutting them does not interfere with their colour, and does not require painting.

  • Anti-slip

  • Resistant and durable over time

  • Sustainable: we use high-end recycled materials and natural raw materials.

On the other hand, we also have white shower trays made of Acrymold® Solid Surface, a mcbath material with exceptional levels of durability, performance, comfort and design. A solid, non-porous and homogeneous high-performance material manufactured from natural resins that allow their regeneration. The impeccable shower tray.

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