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Our anti-slip shower trays are the ally for a perfect and easy fitting. Ultra-slim, lighter, resistant and ever-lasting.

Do you want a custom shower tray?


Solid Surface Shower Trays

The revolutionary technology of mcbath Solid Surface exceptionally elevates durability, performance, comfort and design. The impeccable shower tray.

FAQ about shower trays

What material are our shower trays?

We have developed the new Acrystone technology for ultra flat, resistant and lightweight shower trays based on a mixture that uses polyester from mineral loads with recycled polyester resin, coated by an outer layer of life coat.

We also manufacture Solid Surface Acrymold® shower trays, characterized by an exceptional level of durability, comfort and design. A solid, non porous and homogeneous high-performance material made from natural resins that allow its regeneration.

Our resin shower trays are bespoke in sizes, RAL colours and textures. Moreover, they can be cut to measure so you can fit them on site. You can request a personalized proposal for your shower tray here.

At mcbath we think the future will focus on the individual. That's why we work to create custom shower trays that adapt to each particular need and each bathroom.

Cuttable shower trays that make the most of any space, whatever its quirks.

mcbath shower trays have specifically adapted thicknesses depending on the model and size. These thicknesses can vary from 25mm to 40mm. Adjusting the thicknesses is an intelligent way to ensure correct use of the materials used, providing lightness and economy; while we ensure that the geometric slopes remain optimal to guarantee a correct drainage and anti-slip effect of the tray.

To clean mold from a shower tray you can use baking soda, following these steps:

  1. Mix 3 tablespoons of baking soda with ¾ cup of white vinegar and ¼ of warm water in a bottle and shake vigorously.

  2. Pour the mixture directly on the stains and let it sit for half an hour.

  3. Rub over the black stains with a sponge or toothbrush and rinse with hot water.

  4. Ventilate the bathroom daily to prevent mold from growing again.

Another more ecological option to clean the blackness of the shower tray is to use a solution of vinegar, hot water and the juice of a lemon.

There’s a wide variety on the market, depending on the size, shape, colour and materials used in their manufacture. 
Depending on the manufacturing process, we can differentiate between trays made of natural stone such as marble, enamelled steel, acrylic shower trays, trays made of porcelain and trays made of resins and mineral fillers (Acrystone® and Acrymold® Solid Surface are the materials we use at mcbath).

To know whether a shower tray can be classified as good, it’s important to make sure that it has these features:

  • Made of quality materials.

  • Strength and durability.

  • Safety and accessibility (extra-flat).

  • Hygienic and antibacterial.

  • Easy maintenance and cleaning.

  • Lightweight for easy installation.

  • Perfect ergonomic design with attention to every detail.

  • Made to measure. Customisable and adaptable to each project.

  • Sustainability.

The best shower tray is the one that best suits the user's needs and preferences. However, it’s recommended that it meets the above-mentioned characteristics to determine whether it’s good quality.
At mcbath, we take excellence to heart by offering the finest Acrymold® Solid Surface and Acrystone® shower trays.

Shower trays made of resins and mineral fillers are most recommended if non-slip surfaces are a priority. They’re much less slippery than acrylic and porcelain.

The size of the ideal shower tray will depend on the people who’ll be using it. However, for it to be practical it must be at least 120x90

It’s important to leave a front space of at least 60cm for comfortable entry and exit. In addition, as far as possible, it’s advisable to leave between 80 and 100cm around the various elements.

When selecting the colour of the shower tray, it’s not only important to take into account the shades and style of the bathroom design, but also the sensations that the colour conveys — what it makes you feel.

In that sense, if we’re looking for a touch of positive energy and vitality, as well as luminosity with a nod to romanticism, a pink shower tray could be ideal. If elegance, timelessness, calm, neutrality and discretion are the main aims, a white or grey shower tray could be a perfect alternative. 

With colourful bathrooms on the rise, at mcbath we offer you a palette that heads toward infinity. Many of our shower trays can be customised with shades from the RAL chart, and some models, such as Cotton Silk, even offer a particular chromatic range that enhances the personality of each space.

Custom Anti slip shower trays

Our anti slip made to measure shower trays have transformed the concept of bathroom and drive new trends in its design and conceptualization. The ally for a perfect and easy fitting.

mcbath shower trays are:

  • Lighter,

  • Anti slip,

  • Resistant and durable.

  • Bespoke in colour and texture to match the desired design.

  • Made to measure shower trays, adaptable and cut to size making them the best option in renovation.

Coloured shower trays

Our Acrystone® resin shower trays are fully customisable in appearance, design and finish. Shower trays in every shade on the RAL chart, for you to choose the shower tray that best suits your bathroom: from shower trays in warm or cold tones, via neutral and more classic colours.

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