We develop washbasins with organic designs for various types of installation, which can be adapted to any space.

Custom washbasins

Our basins are futuristic and unique in their audacious and vibrant design with the predominance of purified and organic shapes. Our catalogue offers basins in two materials: Acrymold® Solid Surface, a material that lets us create audacious shapes and a silky and smooth texture in white with matte finish; and Acrystone, a material manufactured from mineral load and recycled polyester resins covered by a thick layer of gel coat.

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Do you want a custom washbasin?


Solid Surface Basins

The revolutionary technology of mcbath Solid Surface exceptionally elevates durability, performance, comfort and design. The impeccable bathroom.

FAQ on basins

How to create a made to measure basin?

Our Acrymold® Solid Surface basins tops can be made to measure. Moreover, they can be cut out when installed. You can request a bespoke proposal here.

On the other hand, Acrystone basins are available in any of our RAL chart.

We do recommend using a mild soap and a soft cloth or sponge avoiding abrasive fibres. You can remove limescale using an anti-scale product or mix equal parts white vinegar and water.

We offer a wide variety of basins dimensions, from 40cm to 121cm wide. A wide variety of models, with integrated shelf or top, wall mounted, under counted, inset, or counter top, with a depth from 33cm to 50cm. Perfect for any type of setting, smaller or bigger, If you want to know more about dimensions and the possibility of tailoring, please check our technical sheets or catalogue.

We recommend you using a professional installer.

Architects and designers, installers, plumbers, promoters or private customers.

We do have a sales network with showrooms all over Europe.

Made to measures basins

We believe in a technology in harmony with nature. Hence, we create design basins which improve life and make it sustainable in the long run.

Leaning to a future of minimalism, our basins simplify materials and aesthetic and enlighten the shapes in order to reach a more agile performance.

An aesthetic perfect for any bathroom. We offer basins which can be made to measure as well as basins with different measures, small and big, and double basins too.

Quant à leurs finitions, dans notre catalogue nous avons des éviers en couleurs et décorations, en plus de les personnaliser dans le catalogue RAL:

  • Grafito

  • Calacatta White

  • Marquina Black

  • Travertino Grey

Our basins shapes stand out for its pure and simple geometry with thin and nature inspired edges. An ode to the power of water.

Bathrooms leaning to an organic and more human future.

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