Square washbasins

Square basins are a compact solution for bathrooms where every inch counts. Ideal for compact or second bathrooms. 

Our materials offer differential features, such as high hygienic properties or adaptability to different bathroom designs. They are easy to clean and maintain and their antibacterial treatments prevent the proliferation of bacteria or microorganisms.

Do you want a custom washbasin?

FAQ about square washbasins

Which square washbasins do you produce?

Among the standard models, the small 40x40cm square washbasins in different designs stand out: with straight edges or softened shapes, as well as various types of design: wall-hung, semi-recessed or countertop.

Square Washbasins

With vivid designs, we propose modern square basins that represent a new way of conceptualizing the most natural bathroom, in which organic forms and essential lines predominate.

We manufacture square bathroom basins in two types of materials. Acrymold® Solid Surface is a type of non-porous and very safe material with a soft and warm finish in matte white; Acrystone is the technology that produce resin square basins, composed of a mass of recycled polyester mineral loads and resins coated with a thick outer layer of gel coat.

Acrystone washbasins are available in 10 colours and can be customised in the colours of the RAL chart.

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