Resin shower trays

We are moving towards a more flexible, organic and practical home through new technologies in materials such as Acrystone® resin shower trays. Available in standard colours or customisable using the RAL chart, we have developed custom-made resin shower trays that can be cut on site, that are durable, resistant, extra-flat and lighter. Designed to facilitate agile installations.

Do you want a custom shower tray?

FAQ about resin shower trays

How to clean and maintain a resin shower tray?

In order to avoid damaging the shower tray, we do recommend using a mild soap and a soft cloth or sponge avoiding abrahasive fibers. You can remove limescale using an antiscale product or mixing equal parts white vinegar and water. The majority of our shower trays can be repaired using a repair kit.

Cut to size shower trays are revolutionary as can be adapted to the space in a more natural way, preserving columns, corners or angles and promoting a better use of any space in the bathroom. Cutting these shower trays do not interfere with its colours and do not require painting.

After measuring the enclosure, you will need to use a diamond or stone hole saw to perform the cut. In order to have a burr free cut, do not let the saw stop. Then you will need to sand the cut off. We recommend you contacting a professional installer.

Architects and interior designers, installers, plumbers, promoters or private customers. We do have a sales network with showrooms all over Europe.

Resin shower trays are unique pieces for the bathroom. They’re manufactured from a solid, non-porous and homogeneous high-performance material made from natural resins that enable regeneration.

Our made-to-measure extra-flat shower trays are the perfect allies for a more agile installation, thanks to their lightness. They’re non-slip, tough and hard-wearing.

Resin and mineral loads shower trays

Our resin shower trays have transformed the concept of bathroom and drive new trends in its design and conceptualization. The ally for a perfect and easy fitting.

mcbath mineral loads shower trays are:

  • Lighter,

  • Anti slip,

  • Resistant and durable.

  • Bespoke in colour and texture to match the desired design.

  • Made to measure shower trays, adaptable and cut to size making them the best option in renovation.

Our vision is based on the excellence of technology. We are constantly pursuing the way to improve compositions, materials and processes.

In our antislip resin shower trays

  • We apply lightweight mineral loads.

  • We use high end recycled materials.

  • And we use natural raw material.

mcbath made to measure shower trays were conceived thinking about your comfort and to improve the professional's job, under the compromiso of offering the perfect solutions for the bathroom. Solutions of the future.

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