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Wall-hung washbasins have multiple advantages, such as space saving. Being pedestal-free washbasins, they allow to remove the barriers in their lower part, being able to take better advantage of the space by installing furniture or storage units. 

Also, being wall-hung, they do not need to be supported on any furniture, so you can leave them on their own or install a lower shelf.

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FAQ about wall-hung washbasins

Which wall-hung washbasins options do you offer?

We offer wall-hung washbasins of different sizes, thickness and design, with one or two basins, and in various materials: Acrystone or Acrymold®.

Wall-hung Washbasins

For small bathrooms they are an ideal choice. We offer small wall-hung washbasins for compact bathrooms, such as the Columna collection, with a trapezoidal shape of only 38.5x50cm, which can be combined with bottom shelves and towel rails integrated in the same design. Some of our models incorporate in their design an inner shelf.

Wall-hung washbasins offer the advantage of being able to be installed at the desired height, so we get flexible and versatile customized bathroom designs. Being pedestal-free, they facilitate cleaning and improve the safety and maintenance of the bathroom. In addition, our washbasins are joint-free and our materials are antibacterial.

The possibilities in our wall-hung washbasins are multiple as we offer options in two materials. Acrystone wall-hung resin washbasins, a lightweight technology that is composed of a mass of recycled polyester mineral load and resins.

This mass is covered by a thick outer layer of gel coat with antibacterial treatment, available in 10 standard colors and can be customized in any RAL color on request, so they combine with our shower trays or wall panels. On the other hand, Acrymold® Solid Surface is a type of non-porous and very safe material through which we get soft and warm touch washbasins in matte white finish.

Lightweight, resistant and durable materials. With Acrystone technology we can combine washbasins and countertops and create custom pieces, as some of our models of countertops can be out for a better fit on site and, as being of pigmented mass, they do not require painting.

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