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Bathroom design advances to bolder new dimensions with our design integrated washbasin countertops. The basins themselves become sculptures that, in addition to their high functionality, accentuate the design thanks to their own aesthetic weight.

Do you want a custom washbasin?

FAQ about countertop washbasins

What are the dimensions of countertop washbasins?

Our motto is adaptability to the space, in which the bathroom equipment is integrated into the desired design in a flexible way. For this reason, we offer the possibility of installing from double washbasins on countertops to washbasins on a reduced deepness. This is the case of Calypso or Rodas, washbasins 30 cm deep. The countertop round Wok basin has a diameter of 35cm, the countertop square washbasins Nicea, Delios or Egeo have a size of 40x40cm.

Different sizes that adapt to small bathrooms requiring small as well as large basins.

Design Countertop Washbasins

Our options for countertop washbasins are very flexible options that allow you to play with the geometry of space. You can choose round countertop basins (bowl-type basins), such as the Wok model; rectangular countertop basins such as the Rodas and Calipso models; or square countertop basins such as Delios and Nicea.

It is a collection of washbasins on an Acrymold® solid surface worktop. A type of non-porous and very safe material by which we get soft and warm touch basins. Modern matt white countertop washbasins that can be combined with Acrystone countertops, creating washbasins on resin countertop.

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