Shower Trays Gray

We are committed to a new concept of bathroom fittings that adapts to the design we are looking, a more flexible, customizable and personal design. Neutral shades in grey or graphite have the power to combine with other colours and match different decorative styles, achieving visually clean and sophisticated spaces. Read more +

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Do you want a custom shower tray?

Grey Shower Trays

Our grey shower trays are manufactured using the Acrystone technology. Its composition is based on mineral loads mixed to recycled polyester resins, coated by an outer layer of gel coat. We offer several colours, such as gris perla, cemento or basalto.

We have also managed to reproduce textures on grey resin shower trays simulating natural stone, such as the gris travertino finish, manufactured using Acryprint technology, an advanced decoration technique on gel coat.

Our grey shower trays are:

  • Ultra-flat and lightweight

  • Anti-slip

  • Cut to measure and ‘all mass’

  • Sturdy and ever-lasting

  • Sustainable

platos de ducha antideslizantes

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