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Acrystone®, our resin shower tray technology


The standout features of mcbath resin shower trays are their durability and their respect for the environment.

Sustainability is synonymous with efficiency. This is proven by our resin shower trays, where we apply optimised manufacturing processes and environmentally responsible raw materials. We pursue continuous improvement in our technological processes, perfecting compositions, materials and processes to improve day by day.

The result of this optimisation is our Acrystone® technology, a solution we use to manufacture not only our resin shower trays but our worktops and wall panels too, all to achieve a complete bathroom aesthetic.

We’re going to tell you the secrets of this advanced technology and how it makes our resin shower trays more durable and easier to maintain.


Recycled resin shower trays: sustainable at heart

The composition of our resin shower trays is based on lightweight mineral fillers bonded to recycled polyester resins, which are characterised by a sophisticated formulation.

The resulting products are ultra-flat and ultra-light, without having to sacrifice on their toughness. One of the advantages of this composition is its lightness. By using natural, low-weight mineral filler we are able to achieve increasingly faster and easier installations, all while offering efficient solutions to the installer. In addition, Acrystone® is highly resistant and durable over time.


Gel coat: a layer of guaranteed resistance

Another one of the key factors that make our recycled resin shower trays stand out is the thick layer of gel coat that covers the exterior. 700 microns of gel coat with a perfected formulation, based on ISO NGP unsaturated polyester resins.

This layer is anti-slip, anti-bacterial and resistant to hydrolysis and, in terms of durability, it far exceeds other materials and techniques such as painting.

Our shower trays offer great aesthetic benefits too. They can be customised in terms of measurements, RAL colours and, depending on their geometry, some models can be cut on site.

Future-oriented technological solutions that maximise toughness and comfort. 

Acrystone® Technology

Recycled resin shower trays

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