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How to replace a bathtub with a shower tray


Replacing a bathtub with a shower tray is an intelligent decision with several benefits. In addition to visually lightening the space and saving space for greater convenience in the bathroom, the shower contributes to saving water and being more environmentally friendly. 

To assist professionals in their work and undertaking it quickly and safely, this article will provide in-depth information on our solutions and all technical issues which must be considered. 

With our modern lifestyles, there is little time for relaxing baths, and on many occasions, the bathtub ends up becoming an element in which people use the shower or which is only used for children. The metres of space it occupies end up being wasted. 

Replacing a bathtub with a shower tray is a small, partial renovation which improves functionality in use of the bathroom. It allows safer, more accessible bathing by eliminating architectural barriers. Additionally, the shower is an option which is well suited to modern lifestyles. The wide range of forms and dimensions of shower trays available allow us to adapt to the usual dimensions of modern bathrooms, being an efficient and sustainable way to achieve relaxation.

The mcbath solutions anticipate the future. Our extra-flat shower trays manufactured with Acrystone® technology have large dimensions, can be shortened and can be combined with panels for shower coverings. This combination of shower tray and panels allows quick renovations, reduces costs and execution times, and minimises the hassle of the work.


Coliseo shower tray

How to replace a bathtub with a shower tray, step by step

STEP 1: Turn off the water shutoff valve

Always turn off the water supply to prevent possible leaks.

STEP 2: Remove the bathtub taps and the drain to work more easily

Always remove the bathroom equipment and accessories such as the tap or the grille in order to intervene in the safest and cleanest way.

STEP 3: Remove the bathtub

To do so, the tiles covering it and surrounding wall tiles must be removed. This will be easier if you do so from the grouting.

STEP 4: Adapt pipes and outlets

The pipes and outlets must be adapted for the taps, because even if the same tap will be used, in the shower it is installed higher than in a bathtub.

STEP 5: Fit the drain of the shower tray so that it matches

It is likely that the old position will not match the new one, so a connection will have to be made with a PVC elbow.

It is important to ensure that the surface is straight with a spirit level before installing the shower tray and that the fall from the pipe to the drain has a 2% gradient. If the drain does not have a sufficient fall, we will have to elevate the shower tray by a few centimetres. To do so, at mcbath we have bases of the same material as the shower tray to integrate with it, achieving a natural, minimalist finish.

STEP 6: Install the shower tray and attach it with adhesive

It must be ensured that it fits and is level.

STEP 7: Install the new drain

Now you can install the new shower grille which will add to the finish.

STEP 8: Cover the wall with a panel

Shower wall panels may be installed over tiles or any surface allowing continuity and cleanliness of the shower amplifying the texture of the shower tray to the wall. An easy and clean installation.


Mirage white shower tray

Replacing a bathtub with a shower tray quickly: technical tips to keep in mind

When replacing the bathtub with a shower tray, we remove the bathtub, the tap, the coverings and the shower screen. In their place, we install a shower tray with a valve with a siphon, the covering of the space the bathtub took up, and a new tap or shower column.

Here is what you must consider for replacing a bathtub with a shower tray quickly. 

Lighter and more resistant materials

The selection of materials is crucial for saving time. We constantly work to lighten the weight of our extra-flat shower trays. They are just 3cm thick and their Acrystone® material is very light and manageable, which allows convenient, quick installations. 

Choosing materials which allow the bathtub to be replaced with a shower tray without work

Upon removing the bathtub, we will find part of the wall without covering. To cover this wall, we have shower panels with our Acrystone® technology. They are light and can be installed over any wall or tiles, which is a great advantage as it will not be necessary to chip off the tiles of the whole wall to install it. Aesthetically, they offer continuity between the shower tray and wall, as they are available in the same textures and colours. If we do not wish to install panels on the whole wall, we must remove the tiles from the row next to the bathtub before removing it, because if we do not, removing the bathtub may damage the tiles more than we expect.

How long does it take to replace a bathtub with a shower?

Fortunately, this is a renovation that can be carried out in 24 to 72 hours. The final time will depend on the extent of the operation in terms of work on plumbing and tiling. It is recommended to not use the shower for 24 hours to ensure the seals are dry.

How much does it cost to replace a bathtub with a shower tray?

The cost of replacing the bathtub with a shower tray will depend on the tiling and plumbing work, and on the materials we decide to use. At mcbath, we use unique materials which ensure quick, problem-free installations. Our solutions are more sustainable and durable over time, are easy to manipulate and guarantee what is most important: client satisfaction. 

What do I need when replacing a bathtub with a shower tray?

Tools for replacing a bathtub with a shower tray:

-       Hammer and pickaxe

-       Wrench and screwdriver

-       Drill

-       Measuring tape and pencil

-       Spirit level

-        Bucket and spatulas for cement application

-        Hacksaw or radial saw for pipes cutting

Materials for replacing a bathtub with a shower tray:

-        The shower tray that best suits you and the space

-        A waste siphon.

-        The taps you like

-        PVC pipes for taps as well as waste

-        Sealant + gun

-        Plaster

-        Others:

      1. Shower panels (that best suit your needs and taste)
      2. Shower enclosure (that best suit your needs and taste)
      3. Gloves and other protective equipment (safety goggles…)

Coliseo shower tray

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