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How to choose the perfect shower tray for your bathroom

10 Dec, 2021

Houses have changed.

Now more than ever, the home is seen as a refuge - and the bathroom as an oasis where you can escape, relax, and take care of yourself. As a result, it has to be unique, “personal and non-transferable”, and each element, each piece of equipment, has to count so that people experience maximum wellbeing there.

So how can you choose the perfect shower tray?

A solution for today that will last for tomorrow, where functionality meets aesthetics and allows you to create a bathroom that is timeless and flexible in its design: these are the keys to choosing a shower tray for a residential project. At mcbath, we are committed to solutions that adapt to every space and lifestyle, and to every person. Our vision is based on excellence in technological processes, constantly striving to perfect compositions, materials and processes.


What’s important when choosing a shower tray?

01. Anti-slip capability

Undoubtedly, one of the most important factors is to choose a non-slip shower tray, to ensure everyone’s safety and maximum comfort with every use. 

02. Durability and longevity

The resistance of the material, both to shocks and chemical products, is extremely important in this area of the house. The mcbath Acrystone® resin shower trays are coated with Life Coat, and are therefore much more resistant to the passage of time and accidental impacts. They have a thicker and more advanced protective gel coat layer which is also regenerative, meaning it can restore the product to its original state in the unlikely event that this is needed. 

03. Hygiene

When deciding which shower tray to choose, hygiene and maintenance conditions must be taken into account to ensure people's health. For example, our solid Surface Acrymold® shower tray is made from a single piece and is all mass, with no joints and zero porosity. This prevents micro-organisms and bacteria from growing in it, achieving unparalleled hygiene standards. 

In addition, Acrystone® resin shower trays are antibacterial and very easy to clean. 

04. Versatile design

It is also important that the shower tray adapts to both the style and the needs of the moment, thinking about the present but anticipating the future. Therefore, the diverse range of colours and textures to choose from, as well as whether the shower tray can be cut out or made to measure, are key points in determining the right choice.

05. Lightness

Weight will be a determining factor when choosing a shower tray, as lightness facilitates installation and reduces the time and number of operators required. Our shower trays are designed for agile installations. 

Which shower tray should you choose based on the style of your bathroom?

Warm minimalism for the bathroom: a nude tone for an embracing feel

Neutral colours and finishes that imitate natural materials are key to achieving organic aesthetics. SPERIT is the perfect option to achieve this atmosphere when you’re choosing a shower tray. Its FABRIC finish, which emulates material, is very pleasant to the touch and, combined with the choice of a beige, cappuccino or silt colour, provides the warmth you’re looking for.

We introduce new techniques that add emotional value to each design, which "welcome" people.


Alternatively, the purity of white creates a softer result which goes perfectly with warm minimalism. We might opt for this when choosing a shower tray by selecting ORIGIN, made of Solid Surface Acrymold®. It’s matt white, with a soft and velvety texture, and has a biomimetic design inspired by nature that optimises drainage and has vitalist shapes.


Raw style for the bathroom: natural purity

On this occasion, SPERIT and its CONCRETE texture is the perfect ally to achieve decoration that’s not overstated, and where a natural feel takes over. A bathroom inspired by polished cement where the purity of the materials takes the spotlight. A more “raw” feel, but one that connects directly with the “natural” value that we’re careful not to lose sight of.

Choosing this shower tray and combining it with other elements such as wood is a safe bet. Industrial inspiration, but with its own character.


And now... how do we install the shower tray we’ve chosen?

At mcbath, we manufacture shower trays that are the perfect allies for easy installation: extra-flat, lighter, stronger and more durable.

In this way, we facilitate the work of professionals as detailed in this article on how to install a resin shower tray step by step, allowing them to perform the installation quickly and easily, whether it is a shower tray flush with the floor or with a step up from the floor.

Perfect solutions for the bathroom. Solutions for the future. Humanist solutions.

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