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Shower floor ideas


While designing and building a bathroom, shower trays are one of the most important elements to consider, not only in terms of functionality, but also of design. 

Here are different shower floor ideas for you to find the most suitable floor for any project. In this article, we will share innovative ideas in order to obtain modern bathrooms that anticipate the future. 

Specifically, we will focus on one of the most efficient and technologically advanced options: resin shower floors, manufactured with the Acrystone® technology, one of the best materials for shower floors.

These shower floors feature a long list of properties, physical as well as chemical. They are antibacterial surfaces with anti-slip properties, extra flat and lightweight for an easy installation. Moreover, they offer multiple possibilities in terms of customization of colours and measures; therefore, not only do they offer an aesthetic design, but they also would facilitate considerably the installation work. 

Stone or Slate Shower Floor Ideas

Among the aesthetic flooring options for shower trays, stone or slate textured floors stand out. At mcbath, we use this texture in our range of Acrystone® shower trays. Specifically, the Stone or Slate collection simulates this type of natural material.

shower floor ideas

Andromeda Stone shower tray

These floors are the ideal choice for a great design while maintaining the advantages of an optimal material. Its texture and finish create shower spaces that are much more natural and elegant in style. 

Certified to the highest level of slip resistance, mcbath stone or slate finish shower floors are the ideal choice for a renovation or construction project that seeks a greater connection to natural aesthetics. 

Shower Flooring Finish Ideas 

Shower flooring ideas include materials with the texture of concrete, with the physical and chemical qualities of a material like Acrystone®.

The concrete simulation of our shower floors provides the feeling of well-being, health and relaxation that a modern bathroom requires. 

With great safety due to its anti-slip certificate and a thickness of only 3 centimeters, they are the ideal option for bathrooms where the priority is to avoid architectural barriers without renouncing design, as they can be installed flush with the floor. 

Shower Floor Ideas with a Marble Finish

The timeless elegance of marble is not in contradiction with the functionality of a resin shower tray. The marble finish for shower floors offered by our Acryprint® decorating technology provides projects with elegant aesthetics without compromising on functionality. 

The Acryprint® technology applies the decoration on the gel coat of the Acrystone® resin trays, reproducing the textures of the natural stone, in four available finishes: 

Calacatta Blanco, Marquina Negro, Travertino Gris and Travertino Beige. A whole range of colours available to best suit you and the concept of the bathroom project. 

shower floor ideasMirage Marquina Negro

These shower trays, belonging to the Mirage collection, are also certified with the highest anti-slip grade, to ensure its safety. 

'Total look' bathrooms: customize the colour and match it to the bathroom furniture

We use Acrystone® technology in shower trays, but we also manufacture other bathroom elements using this material, elements such as washbasins, countertops and shower or bathtub panels. 

So, for those who want a 'total look' in this room, mcbath finishing technology makes it easy. In total, there are up to 10 standard colours to choose from. But you can also opt for complete customization using any of the colours from the RAL palette. 

In the same way, thanks to Acryprint® on Acrystone®, you can obtain an integral minimalist aesthetic throughout the bathroom by applying marble aesthetic finishes on bathroom countertops or washbasins. 

shower floor ideas

Atmosphere in Calacatta Blanco. Scala vanity unit + Wok washbasin + Mirage shower tray

Flush shower trays

Shower trays that are flush with the floor offer a huge number of functional and aesthetic advantages, which we explain in this article.  

  • Easier maintenance and cleaning. 
  • Continuous floor, without architectural barriers.
  • Diaphanous and minimalist spaces. 
  • Without the difficulties of renovation works. 

At mcbath, these flush shower trays are available in a multitude of formats, textures and colours, making them adaptable to the needs of any bathroom. 

 shower floor ideas

Flush showers. Nova shower tray

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