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Master bathroom ideas: the temple of well-being


The bathroom is a key room in any residential project, where aesthetics, technology and functionality must go hand in hand. In this article we talk about ideas for designing master bathrooms, one of the showpieces of any home, ideas with which perfect solutions can be found to improve the efficiency and quality of people’s lives.

3 keys to good master bathroom design

  • The article studies the requirements and habits of those who are going to use it and their lifestyle, so as to achieve a totally personalised design that meets specific needs, without losing sight of two fundamental points that must be well-balanced in terms of: the practicality required, for example, in the mornings before going to work or during periods when time is of the essence, as well as the peace of mind it must transmit, becoming a temple of refuge, of disconnection and of self-care after a long day. It is therefore important that the layout or equipment solutions are aligned with the needs of users, since the latter is not the same for a couple as it is for a family with children.
  • Design a floor plan to optimise space. It doesn't matter if the bathroom is large or small, the key to getting the most out of every centimetre is the layout. Therefore, correct planning will ensure that the space covers all needs and is optimal in terms of usability.
  • Integrate the bathroom at an aesthetic and decorative level with the rest of the house or adjoining room (if it is an en-suite bathroom), so that a sense of continuity and visual coherence is added to the overall project. Of course, despite it being essential to maintain order, both visually and in terms of layout, it is important to note that each one is design for its role.

One master bathroom for two: double basins

One of the main advantages of opting for a double washbasin for the main bathroom is, without a doubt, being able to grant everyone their own space to carry out their beauty and hygiene rituals without having to stick to times or schedules, and the gain in practicality and storage.

At mcbath we are committed to versatility both regarding the type of installation and materials, so that the washbasin adapts to the specific needs of each bathroom.

Lively designs, organic shapes and functionality as pillars. Our washbasins are available in two types of materials: Acrymold® Solid Surface, bold silhouettes and velvety smooth finishes in a matt white finish; and Acrystone®, a material made with mineral fillers and recycled polyester resins coated with a thick outer layer of gel coat.

Ideas for master bathroom double wash basins according to installation

  • Washbasins with integrated countertop: enables more surface support space, having a wider countertop. It is a unique piece on which we can choose models and sizes, also integrating accessories such as a towel rack or holes for storage. Their advantage: they have no seals and are more hygienic.


Ulysses Acrystone® Washbasin in white.

  • Countertop washbasin: with this option a superior aesthetic finish can be achieved, so that the washbasins themselves stand out like sculptures on the countertop. In order to inspire you with new ideas for the master bathroom, we present you with a choice of a double sink but on separate countertops: Wok washbasin - Acrymold® Solid Surface



  • Custom countertop for master bathroom: create your future

A perfect example of our commitment to achieving maximum flexibility in the bathroom: to offer total customisation and adaptation to needs and measurements, our worktops can be cut to size and adjusted on site. Design without limits.


Bathroom countertop with integrated Puzzle washbasin in Acrymold®

Incorporates shower panels for the main bathroom and gives continuity to the shower tray: a new concept, a unique touch

Another idea for the main bathroom, to give the space its own personality, is to include panels to cover shower walls, a practical and aesthetic solution that can be installed without building work and in a quick and easy way. This solution allows you to achieve a total look with the shower tray, achieving that continuity and visual coherence that we have been discussing throughout the article.

It is also worth noting that it can act as a "separator" within the main bathroom itself, thus allowing the room more flexibility and versatility in terms of usage.


Vulcano shower panel - Ivory

What are its other advantages?

  • Versatility and adaptability: they can be installed on any tile or wall, as well as being trimmable, adapting to any size.
  • Sublime aesthetics: the same finish as the shower tray can be applied to the wall for a genuine 'total look'.
  • Lightness: extra thin with a thickness of 9mm and 6mm.
  • Textures you can feel: our shower panels are available in vulcano, stone, slate and smooth textures, and can be combined with any shower tray and their colours.
  • Easy maintenance: they can be cleaned with a damp cloth, soap and water.

Acryprint®: unique decoration, high visual impact

The master bathroom is one of the showpieces of the house and, as such, details can make all the difference, moving it up to a higher aesthetic level. This is why the Acryprint® decorating technique may be a perfect choice.

Acryprint® is the technology that allows us to apply decorations inspired by natural stone on shower trays, countertops and sinks. Drawings inspired by natural stones on the gel coat of our Acrystone® material are transformed into "skins" which have a high visual impact and are highly resistant.

Mirage shower tray in Marquina Black finishideas-baño-principal

Wok washbasin and Acryprint® countertop, both in Marquina Black finish


Acryprint® Calacatta White on Mirage shower tray, Scala vanity unit and Wok washbasin

A differential technology that also enables the drawing in of washbasins with curvilinear shapes, achieving integrated looks between the different elements of bathroom equipment.

A Wellness area: master bathroom with shower and bathtub

Balance is often the key to success. Why give up the shower or bathtub when they can coexist in the same bathroom? Having a master bathroom with a shower and bathtub is a practical solution for a bathroom with two (or more people) who require different solutions to the needs of using the space throughout the day.

Visually it offers a very powerful result, fit for purpose in any bathroom.


Ambiente Centuria Stone cover with Block bathtub and Scala furniture


Ambiente Mirage with Block bathtub, Aire unit with Wok washbasin + shower tray with black Marquina finish

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