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What is gel coat and what are its benefits in bathroom design


In our continuous effort to improve the future, we have created pioneering materials for bathroom fittings. Life Coat, the name of our Gel coat, is a formulation for covering materials which gives incomparable durability and resistance. 

One of the most revolutionary materials created by our laboratories is Acrystone®, the technology that we apply to our shower trays, panels and washbasin countertops. It is based on a mass of mineral loads bonded with recycled polyester resins, covered with a thick 700 micron exterior layer of gel coat

But what is gel coat and what are its benefits for the bathroom? 

The gel coat that we use on shower trays, panels and bathroom countertops, made from Acrystone®, is a high quality covering material, created with unsaturated ISO NPG polyester resins, traditionally used in healthcare applications as well as in the naval and aeronautical industries. 

The main advantage of our technology is lightness in the mass and the great resistance of our protective layer of gel coat, which is thicker and advanced. Through a refined formulation, we have obtained shower trays, panels and countertops which are very safe and durable, with high resistance to hydrolysis. The shower trays which have gel coat can endure high mechanical and thermal stress, and are non-slip to a high degree. 

Another notable advantage is the hardness of the layer of gel coat. This characteristic, along with its thickness, make the shower tray surface much more resistant than other low thickness manufacturing techniques, such as painting of various kinds. In this way, shower trays made with Acrystone® are much more resistant to accidental impacts such as falling shower gel bottles or brass showerheads. 

In addition to these benefits is the possibility of regeneration using a repair kit in the unlikely case of cracks emerging, returning the product to its original state. 

Our gel coat allows pigmentation, with excellent resistance to discolouration. In addition to having standard colours for our products, we can apply any colour from the RAL colour chart. The mcbath R&D team has gone beyond flat colours. Thanks to our Acryprint® technology, we can apply decoration inspired by natural stone to the gel coat covering. 

Life Coat, With this unique technology we are refining fittings and driving a new era for bathrooms

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