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The bathroom is one of the most heavily used rooms in the house, and the shower itself gets the most intensive use every day. That is why finding your perfect shower tray from among the best is so important to making your home as comfortable as possible. 

As well as being meticulously designed, a high-quality shower tray makes you feel confident and safe with features like non-slip and extra flat to prevent you from slipping.

Which shower tray is the best? 

If you're asking yourself which shower tray is the best, the answer is: It depends. It depends on the needs of each project and the taste and preferences of the people who are going to be using it. However, a modern shower tray is expected to have a series of qualities:

  • Lightness for ease of installation.

  • Toughness and resistance to wear and tear over the years.

  • Accessibility and safety (non-slip and extra flat).

  • Customisability (dimensions, shape, size, texture and colour) to fit your needs.

  • Sustainability in manufacturing and materials.

  • Ease of maintenance.

Best shower trays by features

The best shower tray for maintenance

Among the best shower trays for ease of maintenance and cleaning, Acrymold® Solid Surface and Acrystone® resin are truly outstanding. That’s because they are designed to deliver high durability and, on top of that, are antibacterial, preventing growth of bacteria and fungi.

Shower trays in Acrymold®Solid Surface are particularly easy to clean due to their low porosity:

  1. A green scourer and micro-particle cleaner can be rubbed in circles and rinsed off. That will regenerate the surface.

  2. Cream cleaners that contain bleach can be used for a better result.

  3. For stubborn stains, bleach can be left on for five minutes, then rubbed with a scouring pad and rinsed with water.

If, however, you need to do maintenance on an Acrystone® resin shower tray, we have all the answers for you: How to clean a resin shower tray.

Best shower trays by material

At mcbath we develop technology based on natural raw materials, high-end recycled materials and low-weight mineral fillers. And aim to meet the challenge of achieving ever lighter and more environmentally friendly materials that are hard-wearing.

If you want to know which material is best material for shower trays, this post explains it in detail.

Which is better: a resin or a natural stone shower tray?

The main reasons for choosing a stone shower tray is that as well as design you are looking for durability and safety. And if you want an environmentally friendly bathroom using only natural materials.

However, resin shower trays can also provide those things and, in addition, in the case of Acrymold® Solid Surface shower trays, they offer the advantage of toughness and hygiene, because unlike stone trays, they are non-porous, and prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi.

Which is better: an acrylic or a porcelain shower tray?

Acrylic shower trays are generally made of fibreglass. They have a fibreglass resin body, which covers the inside of the tray and make it more rigid.

Porcelain shower trays, made from silica sands, feldspar and clays, are most common. However, resin and mineral fillers shower trays are becoming more popular because of their performance.

Generally, acrylic shower trays are lighter than porcelain trays, so if a quick and easy installation is a factor behind the selection, an acrylic tray is probably the best choice.

Top shower trays: The best shower trays from mcbath

All our shower trays are high quality. They are non-slip, tough and hard-wearing. They are also perfect for straightforward installation because they are very light.

Their careful design and scope of customisation make these extra-flat shower trays a great solution for any project.

Of all of them, we think some of our own creations are the best shower trays:

Elan Epoque

One of our star new products for 2023 is Elan Epoque, which is more than a shower tray, it is a blueprint for the future.

Its finishes, textures and luxury design will make your bathroom a haven of absolute (re)connection.


Elan Epoque shower tray

Cotton Silk

Cotton with its new Silk texture, silky and matt, opens the door to a world full of lightness and vivacity.

An ode to design thanks to its daring colour range with finishes in mocha, ivory, ocean blue, salmon pink, natural pink and canary yellow, which gives a new scope of customisation.

Shower tray Cotton Silk Natural Pink

Discover the philosophy of Rewind to reconnect that gave life to Elan Epoque and Cotton Silk.


The Origin collection features a parametric design based on the geometry of honeycomb in an Acrymold® Solid Surface that is 60% lighter than conventional resin shower trays. A more sustainable alternative with high mechanical strength.

Origin shower tray


When it comes to the best shower trays, we cannot forget the Sperit collection, which offers the perfect answer to every need. A versatile option that can fit into every project.

With very pure lines, textured edges, an ergonomic grid and a slight curve that helps the water to drain.

Discover the philosophy of Rewind to redo, the basis for the creation of Origin and Sperit.


Mejores platos de ducha Sperit

Sperit shower tray

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