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Perfect shower trays for your projects


In this respect, choosing the right shower tray is key to adding character to your bathroom.

That is why we now explore the latest trends and options available in the various types of shower trays so that you can customise every room in an exceptional manner.

Types of shower trays for the latest bathroom interior design trends

Setting the pace in interior design brings us to the versatility of shower trays.

For those seeking a touch of sophistication, the elegance of marble is transformed into marble finishes.

Minimalism, on the other hand, can be expressed perfectly with slimline shower trays in neutral colours.

The industrial style is embodied in polished cement effect textures such as Concrete.

For the more daring, the roughness of bush-hammered stone comes to life with Stone Texture, which brings a subtle touch of brutalism to the most avant-garde bathrooms.

If you want to discover many more bathroom trends, keep an eye on the Trends&Styles section of our blog.

Types of shower trays in full colour

Plato de ducha Cotton Silk naranja
Cotton Silk shower tray in salmon orange

Selecting the right palette for your project is not a trivial matter. Some colours evoke feelings that break the boundaries of the senses, allowing them to be touched. It is therefore essential, depending on the user’s needs, characteristics of the space and the desired atmosphere, to find the perfect shade.

Coloured baths can be disruptive and may set new stylistic currents, or they can coexist in harmony with the passage of time due to their timelessness. 

Be inspired by these suggestions:

  • Shower trays in standard colours: In step with interior design trends, shower trays in white, ivory, beige, pearl, cement, basalt, anthracite and graphite are the perfect choice for timeless and elegant spaces.
  • Shower trays in earthy colours: The fango, mocha and cappuccino shades bring a warm, natural look, blending harmoniously into relaxed and cosy ambiences.
  • Shower trays in vibrant colours: Pink, yellow, orange and blue colours offer bold and energetic options.
  • Shower trays with a tone to suit you: Customisation reaches new heights of expression with shower trays that adapt to any colour from the RAL chart, giving you total creative freedom.

Types of shower trays according to how they are installed

Plato de ducha extraplano
Nova extra-flat shower tray

Built-in or floor-level shower trays

The recessed installation brings uniformity to the space, creating a seamless transition between the shower and the bathroom floor.

The choice of floor-level shower trays guarantees a modern and accessible design, seamlessly fusing functionality and aesthetics.

Floor-mounted shower trays

This installation also creates a visually attractive space, with the option to integrate custom accessories underneath. For example: frames, profiles and extensions for shower trays.

They are ideal for bathroom projects that aim to enhance the aesthetics of a piece such as the shower tray and the general look of the surroundings, by playing with various heights.

Raised shower trays

They are installed at a height above ground level thanks to the lifting sockets

They are ideal for those who do not want an extra-flat shower tray or for bathrooms with features requiring a high installation.

Types of shower trays according to their shape

The precise geometry of square shower trays adds a contemporary and tidy touch to the bathroom.

Plato de ducha Malenke cuadrado
Malenke Square Stone shower tray

The versatility of rectangular shower trays can be adapted to various designs, maximising the available space with style and functionality.

Plato de ducha Wave horizontal en blanco
Wave shower tray

For more intimate spaces, semi-circular shower trays bring softness and an organic touch, creating a cosy atmosphere, particularly suitable for compact bathrooms with corner showers.

Plato de ducha Malenke Square Stone
Malenke Square Stone shower tray

For projects that require customised solutions, cut-to-size shower trays offer flexibility and adaptability, allowing precise adjustments.


The choice of shower tray goes beyond the functional, and is provides an opportunity to give character and originality to each bathroom project. The diversity of options, from on-trend finishes to customisation, means that each design can be unique. At McBath, we create the ideal combination of quality, innovation and style, so that each bathroom reflects the essence of those who live in it. 

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