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Corner showers: maximise bathroom space

14 Sep, 2021

One of the most common dilemmas faced by those considering a bathroom refurbishment or design is the debate on installing a shower versus a bathtub and, in the case of the former, defining its ideal location.

We talk about the advantages of integrating the shower tray in the corner and how it makes full use of the space.

One of the most widespread concerns when designing a bathroom is to make the most of the space. Whether it is because you have a small bathroom or because you want to make the most of every centimetre and have a more functional layout, it is becoming increasingly common to opt for a shower in the bathroom.

Placing the shower in the corner offers many advantages for a more practical and functional bathroom layout.

Advantages of corner showers

  • Corner showers are an ideal option for maximising space, layouts and practicality, especially when it comes to designing a small bathroom. It is therefore a very appropriate solution for creating flexible and functional bathrooms that adapt to the lifestyle of the user.

"27.8% of professionals prioritise space in their designs"

  • A space without barriers. Placing showers in the corner makes it possible to create very accessible bathrooms, especially if one opts for an extra-flat shower tray installed flush with the floor. A solution that is committed to safety in the bathroom by eliminating any obstacle allows a more efficient distribution and provides greater overall visual lightness.
  • Opting for a shower tray also in itself promotes sustainability by encouraging reduced water usage in your daily hygiene routine.

At mcbath we lead the way in flexibility and offer a wide range of possibilities when it comes to choosing an extra-flat shower trays that promote adaptability and customisation in installations.

In addition to having square, rectangular and semicircular shower trays (in multiple standard sizes), our Acrystone® resin shower trays can be cut on site, and we offer the option to request "custom" manufacturing, not only regarding dimensions but also textures and colours.

Our goal is to offer solutions for impeccable results that optimise space to the maximum.

Floor-level corner showers: continuity of space

Nova shower tray

Floor-level showers (or walk-in showers) offer a host of advantages, both aesthetic and functional, reducing the elements of the bathroom to a minimum while still providing the greatest comfort.

  • The floor is continuous, so the safety is unmatched by other systems.
  • They facilitate open spaces, giving the bathroom a minimalist and purified image, offering total visual continuity.

Small corner showers

If you are aiming to design a small bathroom with a shower, one of the most versatile and practical options is to take advantage of the corner to install a semicircular shower tray. The Malenke model is made of resin and has an extra-flat angular shape — only 3cm thick. You can choose the location of the grille, the colour, and whether to add a perimeter frame. Its lightness and dimensions make it perfect for fast and efficient installations.

Malenkeshower tray

Corner shower ideas

Because of their multiple possibilities, corner showers are a choice that allows you to imagine and create contemporary, unique and personal spaces.

Screenless corner showers: limitless

como cambiar bañera por plato de ducha

Mirage shower tray

2 in 1: the bathroom walls can act as perfect space dividers, composing 2 different areas, without visual (or physical) barriers and at the same time, integrated.

Corner shower with single fixed shower enclosure: space that breathes.

Centuria shower tray

Taking advantage of the corner location, the tray can be oriented in such a way that, on an aesthetic and visual level, a greater lightness is achieved, and only a screen needs to be integrated as a "3rd wall", in order to avoid splashes on the outside of the shower area. With a transparent glass one, it is possible to have an integral and much more organic vision of the space.

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