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How to design a small bathroom with a shower or bathtub


One of the main challenges for bathroom designers with small bathrooms is to create a space that is as attractive as functional, making the most of every square inch and can adapt to the varying needs of the people who are going to use the room.

What is better? A shower in the design for a small bathroom – or do we dare to install a bathtub even in a small bathroom? What are the optimal design elements for a small bathroom? We help you make intelligent decisions through innovative solutions.

In a small bathroom: shower tray or bathtub?

Having a compact bathroom can feel like a limiting factor. However, it is much better to see it as a creative challenge: designing a small bathroom with a personal and functional style can also pose a creative challenge. Because despite the limited floorspace, a small bathroom is perfectly capable of delivering function and looks.

To design the perfect compact bathroom, we need to get an idea of its requirements, to define a cost-effective layout and to choose the most suitable equipment. One of the first decisions to take is whether to go for a shower or a bathtub. Although it is true that not all bathrooms have enough space to install a bathtub, in most cases both options are viable. Of course, you do have to know how to extract the maximum potential from every inch to pick your bathtub. 

Small bathrooms with showers trays

The minimum dimensions for a bathroom with a shower, toilet and washbasin with a sliding door are 135 x 150 cm. Designing bathrooms with a shower allows the bathroom to be visually less crowded and more accessible, safer, and more comfortable. Bathrooms with showers are also more sustainable thanks to the need to use less water.


In compact bathrooms, it is best to look for visual lightness. In this case, we can resort to using light tones and homogeneous colour combinations between the elements, and, by using fittings like shower wall panels, you can unify the space and make it feel bigger. A very attractive option is to have a darker shade on the wall behind the sink to give greater visual depth.

In small bathrooms with a shower, take full advantage of natural light. You can do that by placing the washing area near the window, to give better ventilation and a more pleasant experience. We can also take advantage of natural light and, after an analysis of the space, by propose made-to-measure options, functionality would be more than assured.

In addition to the standard sizes and radiant or square shapes, the Acrystone® resin shower trays in our catalogue can be made to measure and can also be customised in terms of their textures and colours. They are ideal for small bathrooms with showers because they are extra-flat and can be installed flush with the floor for a completely level surface. They can also be cut and adapted on site. Multiple advantages for an impeccable result that maximally optimizes space.

Advantages of bathrooms with showers

Bathrooms with showers have lots of advantages. We've picked out some of the most important:

  • An excellent space optimization
  • Greater accessibility in comparison to a bathroom with a bathtub
  • A wide offer in terms of design and shower style
  • Easy cleaning and higiene
  • Water saving and sustainability

Small bathrooms with bathtub


The bathtub has become an element of luxury. A new bathroom 'sofa' reserved for those intimate moments of care rituals, wellness moments and private, at-home spa sessions.

Before planning the space, think about whether to have a bathtub in a small bathroom; you could use compact fittings to help optimizing the space and make room for a free-standing bathtub.

The smartest choice is to have a compact pleasant bathtub that best fits the space. If you have the advantage of a window or a sloping roof, placing the bathtub in that corner will allow you to take full advantage of the space and the natural light it provides.

The Oval bathtub made of Acrymold® Solid Surface with its ergonomic and minimalist design, meets the needs of the most demanding projects, both in terms of design and in terms of strength, durability, and hygiene.  Solid Surface Acrymold® is a natural mineral composition and antibacterial material that creates a solid, pore-free surface with a matt whiteness that provides the perfect balance between comfort and lightness. 53.5cm in height and 75.5cm in length, it is an ideal solution if we seek a compact bathtub in a small bathroom, achieving a fully integrated and comfortable design.

Bathtubs have the great advantage of being able to bring together the functions of a shower and a bathtub in a single space, making them ideal if we add built-in taps.

Advantages of bathrooms with bathtub

As we have seen, small bathrooms with a bathtub are also a possibility. Here are some of the advantages of choosing a tub:

  • Possibility of having a private spa at home.
  • It provides the look of a classic, elegant, stylish bathroom.
  • It is very useful for letting hot water relax your muscles.
  • It is a two-in-one option, having the functions of shower and bathtub in the same space.
  • It is the perfect choice for bathrooms in homes where there are children.

What are the optimal elements of a small bathrooms?

Choosing built-in fittings, such as wall-hung compact washbasins, lightens the space and uses every inch of a small bathroom to the full. Our small washbasins include Teseo, a practical wall-hung option, which gives you the space to install a lower shelf on brackets.

Whether you choose to design a small bathroom with a bathtub or a shower, the most important thing with small bathrooms is to create a unified feel and to use custom-made furniture or compact fittings. That way, you can create the effect of size and visual lightness that this type of bathroom needs.

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