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How to design a small bathroom with a shower or bathtub

16 Mar, 2021

One of the main challenges faced by professionals when designing a bathroom is creating a functional and aesthetic space that makes the most of every square inch and that is also capable of adapting to the different needs of those who use the bathroom. Is it a shower more suited to a smaller bathroom? Or do we dare to install a bathtub despite the compact space? Which equipment is best for smaller bathrooms? We help you make intelligent decisions through innovative solutions.

Having a compact bathroom space can seem like a limiting factor. However, designing a small bathroom with a personal and functional style can also pose a creative challenge.

To achieve the perfect compact bathroom, it is essential to get an idea of its requirements, to define a cost-effective layout and to choose the most suitable equipment. One of the first decisions is whether to opt for a shower or a bathtub. Although it is true that not all bathrooms have enough space to install a bathtub, in most cases both options are viable - as long as we know how to extract the maximum potential from every inch.

Small bathrooms with showers

design a small bathroom with a shower or bathtub

Centuria Slate shower tray and Teseo washbasin

The minimum dimensions for a bathroom with a shower, toilet and washbasin with a sliding door are 135 x 150 cm. Opting for a shower tray in a small bathroom will allow us to visually relieve the bathroom space, generating improvements in accessibility and safety. The shower tray also promotes sustainability by encouraging reduced water usage in our daily hygiene.

In compact bathrooms, it is best to look for visual lightness. To do so, we can resort to using light tones and homogeneous colour combinations between the elements that unify and amplify the space. An aesthetic option is to select a darker shade on the back wall of the washbasin to achieve an optical depth effect.

If we can also take advantage of natural light and, after an analysis of the space, we propose made-to-measure options, functionality is more than assured.

In addition to the standard sizes and radiant or square shapes, the Acrystone® resin shower trays in our catalogue can be made to measure, and can also be customised in terms of their textures and colours. They are extra-flat, can be installed flush to the floor for maximum surface continuity, and can be cut and adapted on site. Multiple advantages for an impeccable final result that maximally optimises space.

Small bathrooms with a bathtub

design a small bathroom with a shower or bathtub

Oval bathtub and Ocean washbasin, both in Acrymold® Solid Surface

The bathtub has become an element of luxury. A new bathroom 'sofa' reserved for pampering rituals, wellness moments and private, at-home spa sessions.

Prior planning of the distribution and the use of compact elements can help to optimise the space and make room for a free-standing bathtub.

The smartest option is to have a bathtub model that is compact, aesthetically pleasing that fits optimally into the space. If we have the advantage of having a window or a sloping roof, place the bathtub in a way that allows to take advantage of this source of energy. It will maximise the relaxation and feeling of wellness that natural light provides.

The Oval bathtub made of Acrymold® Solid Surface with its ergonomic and minimalist design, meets the needs of the most demanding projects, both in terms of design and in terms of strength, durability and hygiene.  Solid Surface Acrymold® is a natural mineral composition and antibacterial material that creates a solid, pore-free surface with a matt whiteness that provides the perfect balance between comfort and lightness. 53.5cm in height and 165.5cm in length, it is an ideal solution if we seek a compact bathtub in a small bathroom, achieving a fully integrated and comfortable design.

Baths are able to unify the function of shower and bathtub in the same element. A practical idea that can be complemented with a built-in tap.

What are the optimal elements of a small bathrooms?

To create a homogeneous bathroom environment, with elements as necessary as a shower or even a bathtub, the best option is to resort to custom-made accessories or compact equipment that helps to create visual lightness with optimised distribution and a minimalist style.

Selecting recessed or wall-hung elements will help to optimise every inch, such as compact wall-hung washbasins. The Teseo is an example of one our wall-hung compact washbasins which is accessible and practical. It does not need to be supported by any furniture, lending you the freedom to install a lower shelf for storage.

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