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Coloured bathrooms: Get inspired by these ideas


Choosing the right shade for your project is no trivial matter. Colours that can be touched; sensations that can be felt. Therefore, depending on the customer’s needs, the potential of the space itself, and the experience provided by this haven of self-care we call the bathroom, finding the perfect mood is essential.

Coloured bathrooms can be trend-setting and groundbreaking. They impact fully on the design without losing sight of the inherent functionality of the place.

As they say, "Different strokes for different folks”, so today we bring you some ideas to inspire you and find your ideal choice.

4 colours for divine bathrooms

In coloured bathrooms, every detail counts. You can choose to paint the walls or put up panels, select a colour range and play with it to bring out each item, or you may wish to add a splash of colour with one item as the main feature.

Opting for a shower tray such as Cotton in its new Silk texture opens up endless possibilities, as it offers a versatile and innovative palette of colours:

Coloured bathrooms
Cotton Silk shower trays in their new colours (moka, marfil, azul océano, naranja salmón, rosa nature y amarillo canario)


Bathrooms in neutral colours like ivory are a safe bet. They work particularly well, bringing light and a sense of spaciousness.

Although a monochrome atmosphere can be a great success, you can avoid a flat overall look, for example by playing with elements such as accessories and textiles. 

If you are looking for colours for small bathrooms, this alternative could be your best ally.


Moka is an earthy colour that brings warmth and elegance. Combined with details in tan colours, wood and natural fibres, it is capable of creating really cosy bathrooms.


If you want to break away from the norm and take a risk, going all out pink is a perfect solution.

Pink bathrooms are synonymous with romanticism and softness. It is an emotional colour that transmits calm and optimism, ideal for a space that invites disconnection and relaxation.


Yellow is the answer for creating bathrooms with cheerful and fun colours. And it brings a breath of fresh air into the space.

It is a radiant colour that fills the atmosphere with vitality, capable of increasing serotonin and thus enhancing well-being.

Bicoloured bathrooms for exquisite duality

When it comes to coloured bathrooms, monochrome is not the only option. In fact, as we mentioned earlier, there is the possibility of adding a touch of colour with an outstanding piece, as well as choosing a combination that works perfectly.

Green and orange bathrooms

A mix of cool and warm colours that encourages a connection with nature and thus makes us feel better, and more at home. This combination creates the most innovative colour bathrooms.

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Coloured bathrooms
Green bathroom with shower tray Cotton Silk Naranja Salmón

Blue and white bathroom

Blue, the colour of the sky and sea, conveys calm and, regardless of the time of year, transports us to an infinite summer where we can let ourselves drift away. On the other hand, it also offers a sense of serenity, brightness and cleanliness. Combining them helps us to create that refuge that places the customer’s sensations at the centre.

Discover all the secrets of a white and blue bathroom

Coloured bathrooms
Environment with Liceo shower tray with Vulcano texture and Astro washbasin

Black and white bathroom

One of the most balanced combinations to give a timeless look to the design is a black and white bathroom. Bathrooms in these colours are pure elegance and sophistication.

For extra warmth, wooden furniture and decorative elements such as lamps or wicker baskets can add the perfect touch.  

Black and white bathroom
Black and white bathroom
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