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A bathroom in white and blue, colours which induce a sense of calmness


A blue and white bathroom is the perfect combination to turn this space dedicated to self-care into a true haven of well-being.

At any time of year, blue, the colour of the sea and the sky, and of calmness, takes us off on an infinite summer journey where we can disconnect. White, on the other hand, induces a sensation of calmness, purity, luminosity and neatness, equally essential in the bathroom. Together, they are able to create a sanctuary placing the user and their sensations at the very centre.

How to decorate a blue and white bathroom

When we think about the combinations to use in a blue bathroom, white inevitably forms part of our palette of ideas. Once we start from the equilibrium inspired by such a canvas already in progress, it is possible to finish off the job with tips such as:

  • We back all things green: biophilic bathroom design increases well-being. Putting the spotlight on nature’s presence in the environment combines perfectly with a blue and white bathroom. A great option is to use huge windows which in effect bring the landscape into the room. Another simple and effective alternative is to open up the bathroom to plants to create an enlivened space, besides choosing elements such as shower trays and washbasins made from materials that are as natural and sustainable as possible. 
  • Choosing Acrymold® Solid Surface  for smooth textured pieces in matt white adds to the aesthetics, exclusivity and design of any project.
  • Giving the bathroom a Mediterranean feel: this style, characterised by bright spaces and simple shapes, creates a sublime minimalist setting. In a white and blue bathroom, using decorative elements that evoke the sea, such as the colour of the walls, in combination with light pieces such as wall-hung bathroom furniture and extra-flat shower trays, is a guarantee of success.
  • Including hand-crafted nuances: natural textures in textiles such as a wicker rug and wooden shelves for decoration and storage are totally in keeping with a blue and white bathroom.

The power of colour in a bathroom 

When bestowing personality on projects, every detail counts, because every user is special. A brush-stroke is capable of producing the desired sensations. As well as lighting up and adding an airy, avant-garde effect by combining colour with the essence of minimalist bathrooms and a long etcetera which tends to infinity.

In that sense, beyond a blue and white bathroom, there are as many combinations as there are people. For example, for those who want a balanced and timeless room, a black and white bathroom may be an excellent solution. 

Baño azul y blanco

Environment with Liceo Vulcano shower tray and Astro washbasin

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