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The black and white bathroom; perfect duality


Beyond passing fashions, one of the most successful and balanced combinations is that of a black and white bathroom. 

A black and white bathroom is a perfect solution to give a timeless feel to the design. 

It creates an elegant and groundbreaking aesthetic look that can be complemented with splashes of colour in the textiles and accessories to generate greater contrast. Or, if you are looking for warmth, touches of wood in furniture and other items, such as wicker baskets for storage and decoration, will be great allies.

4 styles to design a black and white bathroom 

The philosophy of Yin and Yang defends the existence of two opposing but complementary forces, both of which are essential in the universe, or in this case the bathroom. Yin (black) is linked to darkness, depth and earth. Yang (white), on the other hand, is associated with light, softness and the sky. Both are inspired by nature as are our bathroom solutions.

Minimalist black and white bathroom

As we already mentioned in this post about minimalist bathrooms, within the colour palette for this avant-garde style, black and white stand out.

Modern black and white bathroom 

In the modern bathrooms of the future, customisation is no longer an option but a must. Consumers are demanding unique experiences and products. And, playing with colours for your projects offers a multitude of possibilities, which, without going any further, you can materialise with a stunning black and white bath.

Vintage black and white bathroom

A black and white bathroom is a perfect alternative to achieve the symbiosis your space requires. 

You can opt for solutions such as free-standing bathtubs in white, and black resin shower trays, which combine retro charm with the timelessness of simple lines and the innovation of such technologically advanced materials as Acrymold® Solid Surface and Acrystone®.

Black and white marble bathroom  

A marble bathroom in black and white is a jewel worthy of the most glamorous and luxurious of rooms. A real opportunity to highlight the natural charm of this stone that adds a note of distinction.

The most groundbreaking black and white bathroom elements

Minimalist bathroom with shower

Black bath parts

After the proposals for black and white marble bathrooms, we came up with the "Total Black".

A good example of a bathroom element to place the colour of elegance par excellence at the centre of everything are black shower trays

Our models are able to adapt to the style and design of the black and white bathroom, satisfying a high degree of customisation.

White bathroom solutions

There are as many white bathroom solutions as there are bathrooms. However, today we want to give prominence to Solid Surface freestanding bathtubs

Pieces created under biophylic precepts, which immerse us in moments of well-being and connect us with nature.

Bathtubs with organic shapes that balance ergonomics with minimalist aesthetics, filling the atmosphere with harmony.

Freestanding bathtub for black and white bathroom

Black and white bathroom furniture   

Our black and white bathroom furniture is designed for a more humanistic, organic and minimal future. Composed of light and flexible structures made of metal or wood, they are in total harmony with the new way of inhabiting living spaces.

Tips for small black and white bathroom decoration

how to decorate a minimalist bathroom with a suspended sink

  • Go beyond pure black and white: Choosing Black&White does not mean limiting yourself to these two shades. There are countless variants to use on tiles, textiles, etc. The grey scale is wide-ranging and is very useful as a softener without losing elegance. Ivories to give more warmth. Even neutral colours such as cream also fit this style.
  • Add interchangeable touches of colour: A black and white bathroom has a sublime result, but over time it could become a bit boring. Incorporating dashes of colour avoids that sensation. In addition, as they are easy to change, being able to vary the shades according to the time of year or mood is a bonus.
  • Give lighting the importance it deserves: This combination goes perfectly with small minimalist bathrooms. By suppressing the noise caused by superfluous objects and overloaded colours, a greater sense of spaciousness is generated. And, in this way, everything is perceived as more stylish, more spacious, more comfortable and functional. But, for it to work, lighting is essential. Whenever possible, natural lighting should play in your favour.
Baño blanco y negro

Black and white bathroom

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