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Marble-finished bathrooms live their own Renaissance

12 Jan, 2022

Bathrooms finished in marble are coming back from history, turning Hellenistic inspiration into a trend, and recreating the natural charm of this stone, thus exalting the beauty of authenticity, of the earthly, bestowing the rooms with a perennial style.

Today's technological advancement allows us to design bathrooms inspired by yesterday, yet still in harmony with the environment while looking to the future.

Marble finished bathrooms with Acryprint® technology

Symbol of power and luxury since its use in Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire, creators like Michelangelo used marble in their sculptures; creations that have endured over time and marked the future of art. A philosophy with which we feel identified.

Our creative DNA leads us to explore finishes and materials that lead to new aesthetics, shaping a new era for the bathroom. Acryprint® technology represents our own Renaissance; it allows us to apply decorations, inspired by natural stone, to shower trays, countertops and sinks.

With it, we can design bathrooms in marble finish, with a high visual impact and resistance to the passage of time and "steal" glances as though it were a work of art.

Bathrooms in black marble finish

The Marquina black finish for the bathroom is a commitment to personality: pure elegance and sophistication.

  • For example, in a "total black" environment you can opt for a shower tray inspired by black marble, accompanied by a shower panel also in black, achieving a sober and serene room.
baños acabado marmol

Mirage Marquina shower tray and shower panel

  • On the other hand, you can also incorporate in the room the black marble finish only in the sink and countertop, accompanied by metal copper sheen in other items, such as taps. A unique character for an incomparable space.
baños acabado marmol

Wok washbasin in Marquina black finish

Bathrooms in white marble finish

More luminous than in black, white marble bathrooms transmit purity and energy.

Our proposal consists of the Mirage shower tray in Calacatta finish, which visually simulates marble to perfection, accompanied by a Wok washbasin.

baños acabado marmol

Combined with black taps and details in materials such as metals you will achieve a more industrial atmosphere, without losing the warmth of the marble connection with nature.

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