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What will the bathrooms of the future be like?


As we always say: "The future we want will be humanist, or it won't happen." Hence the importance of placing users at the epicentre.

Discover the modern bathrooms of the future 

Based on our Leading the Wayphilosophy, it’s clear to us that: "The best way to predict the future is to start creating it."

A future in which the human and the natural are the essence and the centre of everything. That's why we develop bathroom technologies and solutions that serve humanity, making life better and more sustainable. This is how we set the course for designing another tomorrow, today.

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Technology and home automation applied to the bathroom

There are a multitude of technological advances capable of taking the experience of hygiene and personal care to levels that were unthinkable just a few years ago.

Home automation allows the use of voice-controlled virtual assistants, app-controlled thermostats and endless possibilities that make life more comfortable. This technology is constantly evolving, making our environment more and more futuristic, even in rooms as intimate as bathrooms.

These examples demonstrate this (re)evolution of the bathrooms of the future:

  • Taps with programmable pressure and temperature control. Also, sprays with hydrotherapy, aromatherapy and/or chromotherapy to take the wellness experience to the next level.
  • In terms of toilets and bidets, options incorporating Japanese-style personal hygiene are becoming increasingly common in the bathrooms of the future. Likewise, the presence of aerators and filters.
  • With regard to air conditioning, heated mirrors and meshes for installing underfloor heating in the most innovative bathrooms stand out, where the heat reduces condensation and adds comfort.
  • Technical advances in materials and their handling, which opens up a wide range of options for creating shower trays and other pieces, not only in natural stone such as marble, but also in porcelain tiles and Solid Surface, which particularly stands out for its durability, comfort and design.

A clear example of innovation in design and materials is our Origin shower tray, made of Acrymold® Solid Surface and recently awarded the iF Design Award in the product category.

Origin Shower Trai in bathrooms of the future
Origin Shower Tray

Wellbeing in its purest form

According to several studies by Google Market Insights with The Cocktail Analysis, especially post-pandemic, the user focuses on the "I". In other words, on themselves, their wellbeing and enjoyment.

It’s clearer than ever that users want to control their life and autonomy as an individual. They’re also determined to take care of themselves and are seeking functional products that bring them peace of mind.

Having a retreat like the bathroom of the future for relaxation and time for themselves is becoming increasingly popular. In this way, bathrooms evolve between the functional and the emotional, with the clear objective of offering the user wellbeing.

Wellness in bathrooms of the future

The essence of personalisation

Today's multigenerational bathrooms will be part of tomorrow's smart homes, so it’s vital that they can adapt to the tastes and needs of each user.

Technologies such as those we’ve just mentioned will be able to ensure that the moment a person sets foot in the bathroom of the future, all the elements will be automatically adjusted to the programmes determined for them. From the temperature and the light in the room to the height of the washbasin or toilet...

In that sense, it’s also important to get into the game of designing the bathrooms of the future. Playing with colours and creating unique solutions for your projects is a must at a time when personalisation is vital in spaces.

The most serene and softest shades of the chromatic circle are on-trend. A trend that, as a starting point, gives rise to the start of the creative process needed to reach the finish line: the excellence of the bathrooms of the future.

This is the case with our Sperit shower tray, available in a wide range of colours:

Sperit shower tray

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