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Biophilic design, the greenest trend in bathrooms


We can imagine no other future than a future in which nature and humanity take centre stage. That is why we develop technology that serves humanity, improving life and making it sustainable in the long term.

What is biophilic design?

Biophilia literally means love of life. Therefore, we can say that biophilic design is a trend embraced by producers, architects and interior designers who seek to reconnect with nature - creators who seek to re-establish links with nature in order to achieve healthy environments with their projects.

According to a recent study by Terrapin Bright Green, the keys to biophilic design for bathrooms and other spaces are:

  • The presence of nature in the environment. For example, by installing large windows in the bathroom in such a way as to allow the the natural surroundings to be seen; playing with the presence of water to evoke the sensation of streams and waterfalls; introducing air currents and light, especially natural light.
  • Imitating nature. In other words, using organic forms reminiscent of life or materials that are as natural as possible.

Patterns of nature. The sensations of freshness when stepping into the shower, of warmth when taking a bath. The feeling of calm in a place designed for comfort, rest and relaxation.

Benefits of biophilic design

The international survey, Human Spaces Report, showed that biophilic design increases wellbeing, as well as productivity and creativity levels when applied to workplaces.

Biophilic design reduces stress and helps you relax and replenish your energy; and the bathroom is the ultimate refuge for this purpose. 

It is a matter of quality of life. According to experts, a well-designed space in contact with nature can make us feel better, as our mood is influenced by a combination of physical, mental and sensory aspects. Therefore, an environment that engages all the senses makes us happier and more receptive.

Although the workspaces of leading companies have been pioneers in the field, biophilic design is now making its way into homes, especially in rooms intended for personal care, such as the bathroom.

The idea is to create healthier homes with benefits for our own lives and for the planet we live on.

How to ensure that a bathroom complies with the principles of biophilic design

  • Choose natural materials and, if possible, local materials. Wood, resins or stone or slate textures are capable of making us feel more connected and in harmony with our natural environment.
  • Locate a window in the right place, i.e. overlooking a natural environment as pleasant as possible. In this respect, landscaping plays a key role.
  • Opt for furniture and fixtures with organic shapes and more natural patterns, which, in contrast to angles and straight lines, have a relaxing effect. Introducing a bathtub with curved shapes is a good idea, or the biomimetic design of our Origin shower tray, which reproduces the golden ratio to improve water drainage. 
  • Use a colour palette inspired by nature: the bluish grey of the vastness of the oceans and the sky beyond the horizon; earthy colours that bring warmth to even the most minimalist bathroom.
  • Lighting should be as close as possible to that found in nature. If natural light is not possible, it is essential to make intelligent use of artificial light to create well-lit, shaded or even diffused bathrooms, imitating what we see in nature.

Biophilia and Sustainability: more than just a trend

At Mcbath, we develop technology based on low-weight mineral fillers. We use natural raw materials and create high-end recycled materials. We do all this in order to achieve more environmentally friendly materials that improve both the quality of the bathroom and the sense of wellbeing in the bathroom.

In addition, with our Acryprint® technology, we are able to apply decorations inspired by natural stone on the Life Coat covering; finishes that imitate marble and provide elegance and comfort.

Biophilia is the human being's primitive sense of connection with nature. Our solutions promote a more natural bathroom in order to help us reconnect with our essence, using materials based on environmentally friendly recycled resins and products that are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the touch.

Our motto ‘Leading the Way’ could not be more in line with the principles of biophilic design. We know that a different future is possible and we strive to achieve it.

After all, design does not just involve the product. Design shapes the future. We do not regard sustainable design as a mere trend, but as a duty - our way of understanding the world, of improving ourselves, of producing and creating. 

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