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How to achieve minimalist, state-of-the-art bathrooms


Minimalist bathrooms have a style all their own. In them, neatness and simplicity prevail, without compromising their functionality for daily use.

Minimalism is an avant-garde style of interior design and decoration in which nothing is by chance. Every piece in minimalist bathrooms counts. All the elements are in the right place in order to add something to the décor and bring convenience.

Size does not matter, distribution does. Knowing how to optimise every corner is essential both in a small minimalist bathroom and in one where space is not a constraint.

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Minimalist bathroom: main characteristics

Among many of the advantages of minimalist bathrooms is the fact that they create comfortable spaces and a refined image. However, they do have many more features, such as: 

  • A sublime design. A modern minimalist bathroom is composed of carefully thought-out pieces that fit perfectly into a puzzle like no other.
  • Everything being in order. If you're wondering how to decorate a minimalist bathroom, the answer is: start with storage. By doing so, everyday bathroom fixtures will not be visible.
  • Providing a greater sense of spaciousness even if it is a small minimalist bathroom.
  • Bringing harmony to the room. Nothing lacking and nothing in excess and besides, the proportions are best suited for the well-being and comfort of the user. Minimalist bathrooms are all about balance.

Materials and parts for a small minimalist bathroom

Wall-hung Teseo washbasin for minimalist bathroomTeseo washbasin

Materials designed to last

If, in minimalist bathrooms, everything superfluous is in excess, then so is the need to renew elements in the short term. Therefore, choosing materials that guarantee greater robustness and durability is vital. 

Acrymold Solid Surface and Acrystone® are two options that, in addition to meeting this requirement, offer a host of benefits.

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Minimalist bathroom furniture

A minimalist bathroom furniture piece must convey a sensation of lightness to achieve the sense of spaciousness sought in minimalist bathrooms.

It is essential to have functional and flexible structures that visually lighten the space. In that sense, hanging furniture is the perfect alternative.

Super-flat shower tray

Nova extra-flat shower tray for a minimalist bathroomNova shower tray

A minimalist bathroom with a shower is a bathroom with a floor-level shower. They are ideal for the diaphanous spaces for which this style is intended.

The extra-flat shower trays with shower panel and without architectural barriers provide a minimalist design and an aesthetic reduced to the essentials. 

How to decorate a minimalist bathroom

Colours for minimalist bathrooms

Minimalist bathrooms are increasingly seen in black and white, but the minimalist trend finds great allies in neutral colours.

From white, which is a safe bet, to its combination with other light tones such as pearl, ivory or capuccino. Even blue or pastel green can blend into the characteristic colour scheme of this style.

Contrasts also have a place in minimalist bathrooms. Opting for matt black or dark greys - as opposed to white - can give a magnificent result.

Clean lines to give shape to the minimalist bathroom

Straight countertops that stretch from one end of the wall to the other, free-standing bathtubs where the elegance of the curvature takes centre stage, washbasins in a variety of shapes but with no frills, and shower trays with simple lines made for interior design, intended to be used.

Ambiente baño minimalista

Minimalist bathroom setting with Nova shower tray and Teseo washbasin

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