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Keys to achieving the perfect bathroom layout


More space and comfort are always major considerations when deciding on your perfect bathroom layout. Small, big, square, rectangular... whatever your bathroom is like, there will be a design that meets your needs perfectly to give you a comfortable practical room, ideal for everyday life.

An uncluttered bathroom layout

To the extent possible, bathroom furniture and showers should not be in the middle of the room, so that movement around the room isn’t "interrupted".

Let's look at some examples that illustrate the basic principles for creating a perfect bathroom layout for different room shapes, allowing for the effect on the final design of the choice of bathtub or shower tray and the position of the door and other elements, such as windows.

Complete layout for a square bathroom

The example below shows a central door with the bathroom elements arranged so as to make the best use of the walls, leaving the middle of the room empty so you can move around freely.

  • Long room with a window: we would create two "runs": washbasin + shower tray or bathtub in one and bidet + toilet in the other, with nothing in front of the window to make the most of the natural light from the window and make the room feel light and airy. In a narrow room you have to make the most of the 2 long walls.

Perfect square bathroom distribution complete with window

  • Long room with no window: here the bathroom layout is straightforward since you can use three of the walls in their entirety, without having to accommodate the window as in the previous example. Washbasin area with countertop and, opposite, the toilet-bidet area. In this design the room is "crowned" with a large shower or bathtub that can span the full width of the bathroom.

Distribución baño perfecta rectangular

Layout of rectangular bathrooms with shower

This bathroom has been designed for maximum comfort, even in a small space: shower on one side, and toilet and sink with countertop on the other, with rectangular shower tray.

Perfect rectangular bathroom layout with shower

In rooms like this, you can use a corner to install a small shower – mcbath quadrant shower trays would be the perfect choice. That would leave space for somewhere to dry yourself or put a small unit or a towel rack. Malenke comes in a range of colours and textures and as a quadrant or square and it can be customised in many ways. In addition to the type and position of the waste- whether hidden or stainless steel - you can choose a border frame and colour.

Layout of long narrow bathrooms

Choose one long wall and leave the other one free: the arrangement of each part of a narrow bathroom can help to make the space feel bigger. Placing the furniture and bathroom fittings along one side and leaving the other side free, will make it easier to move round the bathroom, however narrow it is. Take a look at this project with the shower at the back, and toilet and washbasin unit installed in line with it on the same side of the room.

You could also place the shower on the back wall and use one of the other walls for everything else (washbasin, bathroom furniture and sanitary ware) in a single run, leaving the other wall empty.

Perfect narrow elongated rectangular bathroom layout

In this case, as in the one before, you could choose a square shower tray as an alternative to the standard rectangular option. At mcbath we offer made-to-measure shower trays that can be even cut on site for a better fit.

Rectangular perfect bathroom layout personalized shower tray

A question of distance

For a perfect bathroom layout, you need to bear in mind some minimum dimensions so that the appeal of the design is matched by functionality and usability of the space.

Minimum dimensions for a bathroom with toilet and sink: 140 x 95 cm. with rectangular floorspace and 120 x 120 cm. for a square room.

Minimum dimensions for a bathroom with bath or shower, toilet and washbasin: 150 x 150 cm. for a bathroom with bathtub and 135 x 150 cm. for a bathroom with rectangular shower, both with sliding door.

In both cases, space can be optimised by choosing fitted pieces.

Making your bathroom feel spacious

Regardless of the shape and size of a bathroom, a good design seeks to create a feeling of spaciousness so that we can enjoy greater comfort in a space that is a perfect, inspiring haven to disconnect and forget our stresses.

Playing with transparent elements is a great option and allows the whole space to be seen as a whole, without "walls": transparent glass screens are a safe bet for dividing the shower area from the rest of the room, creating the impression of an airy space that will definitely seem bigger.

The importance of spatial continuity

Similarly, using the same colour for the bathroom floor and the shower tray will simplify the geometry of the bathroom and help to make it look larger, "tidier" and bigger.

One of the advantages of mcbath is its wide variety of finishes. In addition to our 10 standard colours, you can customise your shower tray with any RAL colour.

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