Shower Skirting Board

Our skirting boards allow the shower tray to be higher. Ideal when you do not want an extra-flat shower or for bathrooms whose characteristics require a higher fitting.


  • Warranty
  • Acrystone®
  • Anti-slip
  • Antibacterial
  • Made to measure


  • Blanco

  • Beige

  • Capuccino

  • Mud

  • Gris perla

  • Cemento

  • Antracita

  • Grafito

  • RAL


Available in stone, slate or smooth texture, they are made with the same material as resin shower trays. They have antibacterial properties and offer the highest level of anti-slip on the market. With a customizable height between 4 and 20 centimeters, our shower skirting board has a thickness of 0.9 cm.

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