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How to decorate a grey bathroom


The grey scale, which ranges from pearl grey, through cement and basalt, among others, offers a wide range of possibilities to personalise your space with the exact shade for each person.

If there is one thing grey bathrooms have in common, it is the interplay between neutrality and calmness that is experienced when in them. Moreover, thanks to its versatility in decoration and interior design, grey is the king of timelessness. A perfect colour for those creators and users who are looking for elegance and want to avoid stridency. 

Customisable grey shower trays

At mcbath we are committed to increasingly flexible and customisable bathroom solutions. 

Our Acrystone® technology allows us to develop grey resin shower trays that are highly resistant and lightweight, versatile and adaptable to any project

Grey worktops, washbasins and bathroom furniture

Our pieces of bathroom furniture Aire and Scala are available in pearl grey, cement, basalt, anthracite and graphite, in addition to all the options offered by the RAL chart. 

Darker shades of grey such as Basalt can be used for washbasins, storage shelves and shower trays for an unparalleled result.

Mueble de baño gris
Ulises double basin washbasin with integrated countertop in Basalto finish

How to decorate a grey bathroom: Tips for one-off projects

Once you have the main elements of your grey bathroom, it's time to play with the decorative touches to add personality:

A grey bathroom with wood for warmth

If you include in your grey bathrooms elements of natural materials that provide warmth such as wood, the result will be impeccable and the space will become more welcoming.

A grey bathroom with the perfect touch of green for a more natural look

Biophilic design is here to stay. And, one of the simplest ways to materialise that connection with nature which we are seeking to attain is to use plants to transform the environment. There are a variety of natural species that live in harmony in a place as humid as the bathroom and that do not need much light. 

A grey bathroom with marble as one of your main allies

Bathrooms with a marble finish have a high visual impact and are extremely resistant to the passage of time. 

A white marble bathroom with exquisite grey veining achieves a sublime result. 

Baños de mármol blanco y gris

What colours go well with grey in a bathroom?

In bathroom interior decoration there are combos that just don’t let you down. The combination of grey and white is one of them, thanks to the fact that these colours help to enhance the sensation of hygiene, luminosity and spaciousness.

A grey and white bathroom has a series of advantages that will make this place the best refuge for well-being:

  • If your bathroom is small, mixing a light grey such as pearl and white works, thanks to the feeling it offers of being in a great transparent space.
  • If your bathroom does not have windows and/or is dark, the above combination will help to brighten up the atmosphere.
  • A white and grey bathroom will provide the best neutral canvas to highlight decorative elements such as textiles and other accessories. 

And if you are looking for versatility in terms of style, a grey and white bathroom can be chameleon-like. Depending on how you decide to decorate, you can give it a feel which is minimalist, classic, industrial, etc.

If you found this post about grey bathrooms interesting and colour is one of the keys to creating your projects, this is of interest to you:

Cómo decorar baño gris

A grey and white bathroom

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