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Bright and inspiring white bathrooms


If there is one colour that leaves the bathroom designer no room for error, that colour is white. White bathrooms are a timeless style, the bathroom colour par excellence, for sanitary ware, washbasins and ceramics. All white has come back strong as a simple, sophisticated option that radiates light and in which "less" is always "more". 

Gloss or matte white bathroom

White bathrooms are a style that is never out of fashion. But white has evolved in terms of brightness and colour towards more modern shades.

At mcbath we are part of the white evolution and that’s why we are also part of an increasingly popular trend: the use of matte white in the bathroom. This alternative to traditional gloss white gives basins, shower trays, bathtubs and washbasins an extremely smooth, pure aesthetic finish.


The Puzzle washbasin is an example of pure, simple geometry that fits readily in any bathroom. Futuristic aesthetics and minimalist lines in matte white.

Solid Surface matte: the most technological white

Solid Surface is a high-performance solid, mineral material that in its mattw finish is an ideal choice for fittings in white bathrooms.

With features such as zero porosity, stain resistance and toughness and a smooth, minimalist look and feel, Solid Surface is customers' pick for bathroom furniture.

It is also non-toxic and antibacterial and prevents the growth of mould, making the bathroom a healthier place.

At mcbath we have several options for matte bathroom furniture using Solid Surface. The outstanding examples of white furniture are Aire, Baltic and Scala.

The Aire vanity stands out for the black lacquered metal frame that supports the Solid Surface washbasin.

To design Baltic we looked to Scandinavia, combining white with wood, enhancing its natural, organic appearance.


Finally, the Scala vanity, which also features a black lacquered metal structure that houses the Solid Surface worktop and washbasin in matt white.

Three minimalist options that are connected to nature and bring timelessness and style to a white bathroom.

Small white bathrooms

The size of the bathroom is often one of the most important constraints in designing a functional space. Here, the use of white becomes fundamental thanks to the way it works as a colour.

Monochrome is your best friend in the design of a bathroom in a small space because it will make the room feel more spacious. The use of white for fittings like the shower tray or shower panel will make the bathroom appear larger.

When choosing the countertop or bathroom basins, suspended or - if not suspended - very light models, are an ideal option. Examples are the models we have already mentioned.

There is no doubt that small white bathrooms can be made visually spacious with careful choice of fittings and furniture for the space.

White bathrooms are a fashion that has been the best choice for a timeless bathroom for decades. And today, thanks to materials such as matte Solid Surface, white bathroom fittings can have a much more uniform look and velvety feel.

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