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How to achieve modern luxury bathrooms


In a modern luxury bathroom, design and functionality are essential in equal measure. In this, the elements, the materials and even the colours that it comprises play a key role.

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Modern luxury bathroom designs

In order to plan the project well, to give it personality and to be able to complete the list of everything that will be needed, it is essential to consider a number of key styles and pieces.

Small vs. large luxury bathrooms

It could be just as complex to design and decorate large luxury bathrooms as small ones.

In a small space, it is essential to use every centimetre with ingenuity and subtlety so that it has an attractive aesthetic without being cluttered and, at the same time, is practical.

However, in a spacious environment, warmth and functionality are some of the main challenges we face.

Minimalist luxury bathrooms

Modern luxury bathrooms no longer go hand in hand with ostentatiousness; on the contrary, the trend towards minimalist bathrooms is here to stay in the field of high-end interior design.

Bathrooms in luxury colours

Colourful bathrooms take the concept of luxury to another dimension, being able to play with a palette that conveys distinction, modernity or whatever you have in mind, creating a totally exclusive atmosphere.

Luxury bathroom suites

Increasingly luxury en-suite bathrooms are being installed in private homes, while in hotels they continue to be in vogue. Fusing the bathroom with the bedroom or dressing room space offers endless design possibilities with sublime results.

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Decoration of modern luxury bathrooms

Luxury bathrooms are very versatile and adapt to almost any trend. In fact, they range from the most classic to the most avant-garde, from the most urban to the most rustic... Normally the decision to opt for one style over another will be determined by the style of decoration of the home itself. And, depending on which one it is, the next step will be to find the perfect elements to create a unique and harmonious environment.

Luxury bathroom furniture

"Less is more" can also be the basis for the most trendy luxury bathrooms. 

That is why we manufacture luxury bathroom furniture that visually lightens up the space, without sacrificing storage capacity, giving that touch of spaciousness and even luminosity that is so powerful.

They are flexible structures in wood or metal, in tune with new conceptions of bathroom design.

Scala Acryprint furniture unit in marble finish

Shower trays

Our extra-flat shower trays are the perfect allies in a luxury bathroom. Made of high-quality materials - Acrymold® Solid Surface or Acrystone® - they seamlessly blend in with any project.

Ambience Elan Epoque shower tray

Free-standing bathtubs

Our elegant free-standing bathtubs make it easy to add the perfect touch to your luxury bathroom. Of indisputable beauty and ergonomic design, they become the absolute star in the room, making it shine in their own light. 

Block bathtub

Photos of luxury bathrooms

Luxury bathroom photos are a great source of inspiration to create your own projects:

Minimalist luxury bathroom
Luxury bathroom open to the outside
Luxury bathroom in marble finish
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