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How to design and decorate a bathroom suite


Many hotel suite bathrooms have an open-plan layout, combining a sleeping area and bathroom. And this is also something that we are seeing more and more in private residences, especially in recent times.

More and more people are taking the plunge with a suite bathroom. Merging the bathroom and bedroom spaces together offers endless design and decoration possibilities to achieve a spacious and functional room.

Design is the key to a successful suite bathroom project

Design and decoration are very important with this type of layout, both in terms of the layout and the products themselves. Every piece counts.

As such, it is essential to use an integrating element to connect the different areas.


Colour can be a great option to make the design really stand out

Playing with colours and designing unique solutions for your suite bathroom is a must at a time when personalisation is vital for every project.

The most serene shades of the chromatic circle are on-trend. A trend that, as a starting point, gives rise to the start of the creative process needed to achieve your objective: excellence. These warm sand colours and soft whites can help unify and harmonise the environment.

salle de bains en suite

Centuria Stone Cover shower tray + Block bathtub + Scala washstand + Delios washbasin

On the other hand, if you think about modern bathrooms of the future, opening your mind to contrast could be the best way to design an avant-garde suite bathroom.

Shapes and textures

Aside from colour, textures and shapes can be the perfect accent for a suite bathroom.

For example, a freestanding bathtub, such as our Block bathtub, is a good choice that really stands out due to its shape and would fit into almost any environment, thanks to a perfect combination of elements and colours. Choosing a piece with as much personality as this will help to turn your suite bathroom into a cosy and unique space

Suite bathroom: how to separate areas (or not)

There are a variety of ways to integrate a bathroom into a suite. From totally open and connected spaces, to those that play with materials such as glass to separate without a visual barrier.

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Using glass walls for an insulated suite bathroom

If you would like to install a suite bathroom, but are worried that condensation and humidity will be a problem for the user, there is an easy solution: you can incorporate glass walls or doors. These allow you to physically separate the rooms, while still maintaining a sense of unification.  

Hide just a few of the more private areas

Another alternative is to separate areas of the suite bathroom to hide and/or highlight certain elements.

There are endless different combinations. One option is to leave just a single unit in view, for example the bathtub, sink or shower tray. Another idea is to display all the elements of the suite bathroom and create a specific room for the toilet. 

However, if the project is in the master bedroom of a home, it would be less expensive to leave more units visible. On the other hand, if it is a guest room, it is important to keep in mind people's need for privacy.

Opting for an open-plan design for a sublime suite bathroom

Breaking from the norm entails risks, and creating an open-plan environment combining a bathroom and a bedroom is one of them. But it is a risk that is worth taking, given the practical and functional results, as well as the undeniable elegance. 

By joining these two rooms, you will generally obtain enough space to incorporate such striking pieces as freestanding bathtubs and a shower tray in the same area. A solution that provides wellness without the need to leave the bedroom.

New bathroom suite

Origin shower tray + Exa bathtub + Puzzle with two sinks and shelf for storage

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