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How to light the shower in your bathroom


When renovating the bathroom, we often focus on choosing the tiles, the sink unit or the shower tray and overlook the lighting.

Lighting is key for any space and the bathroom is no exception. In this article, we show you how to light your bathroom shower to have a cosy, safe space.

Why should you light the shower in a bathroom?

The lighting in the shower can be of the utmost importance for creating the perfect bathroom. It can enhance your bathing experience and make a small space seem larger. But that's not all – it also helps:

  • To make it easier to see in the shower.
  • To ensure there are no slips or falls.
  • To create a relaxing, cosy feel.

And if there is no window or natural light in your shower, a light in the shower is a great way to make sure the space doesn't feel dark and cramped.

Can I install a light in the shower?

Yes, it is possible to install lights in the shower.

You must check that the lights you want are waterproof and safe to use in a wet environment.

That being said, there are many lighting options for the shower, from sealed standard lights to LEDs and others, as we will see below.

Shower lighting: How can we light a shower?

Here are some inspiring, useful lighting ideas for your projects

Sealed shower light

Sealed lights are the most common way to light a shower.

These lights are specifically designed to be waterproof and are an excellent choice to ensure safety in the shower.

In addition, they can be installed directly on the ceiling in the shower, which makes them ideal for any space.

LED shower lights

LED interior shower lighting is a modern, stylish choice for lighting a shower.

They also have an exceptionally long useful life and are very energy-efficient, which makes them ideal in homes looking to transition to a more sustainable lifestyle.

If you choose LED lighting, you can adjust the to your liking.

Indirect lighting in the shower

Indirect lighting, installed behind the tiles if you have them, or on the ceiling, is an excellent option for lighting the shower if you are looking for an atmosphere that enfolds you.

Indirect light inside the shower also creates a soft, warm atmosphere in the bathroom. It is less bright than the other two solutions mentioned, and it is perfect for creating a refuge where you can unwind and float away.

Tips on how to install lighting in your shower

  • Hire a professional: Unless you are experienced in electrical installation, it is important that you hire a professional tradesman to install the lighting in your shower. That will help you to avoid future problems.
  • Make sure your lighting is waterproof: When installing light in your shower, it is essential to make sure that the materials are waterproof, otherwise short circuits or even accidents could occur. That's why we place such stress on the issue.
  • Choose the right intensity: Lighting in the shower should be bright enough to illuminate the area appropriately, but not dazzling. 

→ Colour also plays an important role in providing more or less light. If you want to know more, take a look at this post.

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