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What size should I choose for my shower tray?


Size is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing each of the elements that make up a bathroom. This is because together with style and design, it will determine the balance of the space. This balance is essential to the temple of relaxation and self-care that bathing has now become. 

There are shower trays in a wide variety of sizes in order to meet the personalisation requirements of each user, with their specific needs and tastes.

At McBath we are characterised by our increasingly flexible way of planning spaces, adapting to the preferences and lifestyles of each person.

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How much do shower trays measure?

Shower tray sizes may vary depending on the manufacturer.

In our case we can offer these basic dimensions to play with, among others: 

Standard shower tray dimensions

There are many occasions when the dimensions of a standard shower tray depend on its shape. Broadly speaking, the following are commonly found on the market:

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Made-to-measure shower trays

Shower trays of the ideal size do exist.

Made-to-measure shower trays offer highly valuable versatility, allowing you to configure your bathroom as you have imagined it and achieve the best possible fit to the shower panel.

At McBath, we believe in a present and a future where people are key. For this reason, in addition to the wide variety of sizes in our catalogue we create custom-made shower trays that can adapt to the bathroom of any individual.

In addition to having shower trays in different sizes, you can choose the shape (semicircular, square or rectangular), which also helps to find the perfect piece.

Our resin shower trays can be cut to size, meaning that they can be 100% adjustable at the time of installation. This makes them useful in any room, whatever it may be. This applies regardless of the presence of pipes, columns or any architectural elements. 

How should the size of the shower tray be chosen?

When deciding on the size of a shower tray, there are many factors to take into account, most notably the following:

Bathroom users

Who is going to use the bathroom will often determine the size of the shower tray.

If the bathroom is to be used exclusively by children, a small shower tray can work and help to save space. For example, a 80x80 square piece would be a good solution.

For a bathroom adapted for the elderly or people with reduced mobility, a large shower tray measuring at least 120x90cm is more practical. Although in these cases, in addition to spaciousness, it is essential to avoid architectural barriers and for an element such as the shower to be flush with the floor, this makes the space safer and more functional.

Ideal size shower trays
Nova shower tray

Size available

In order for a bathroom to be practical, there should be at least 60 cm of space at the front for easy entry and exit from the shower. However, if feasible, it is advisable to leave between 80 and 100 cm around the various elements (bathroom furniture and washbasin, toilet and bidet and shower).

As mentioned above, the ideal size of the shower tray will depend on the people who plan to use it, however from a size of 120x90 upwards, it is more convenient to be able to move around freely in order to pick up or put down hygiene products and soap. Of course, if you have a large bathroom, you can choose an even larger bathroom, as long as it fits the desired design.

Shower trays sizes 120x90
Élan Epoque 120x90 shower tray

Decide on the size of your shower tray

When deciding on the size of your shower tray, it is important to take into account both the size of the bathroom, the space available to get in and out of the shower easily, and the specific needs of the people who will be using it.

From there, a wide range of possibilities opens up before you, from which you can choose not only the size but also the shape, texture and colour, in order to personalise it as much as possible and make it feel like your own.

At McBath we understand the growing importance of flexible spaces. That's why our catalogue of new products includes a variety of sizes that allow extensive adaptation to the needs of each project, which today is a highly valuable advantage.

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