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Orange bathroom for groundbreaking projects

08 Sep, 2023

Orange is synonymous with creativity, vitality and boldness. In the field of interior design, its strategic use can transform a room  completely. Incorporating this vibrant colour into key elements of a bathroom, such as shower trays, makes a bold style statement.

This colour brings  a number of psychological connotations with it that align perfectly with the essence of an orange bathroom. The energy evoked by this tone can turn a simply functional room into a revitalising retreat. Therefore, when it comes to designing rooms  for well-being, orange is a perfect choice.

Orange bathroom
Cotton Silk shower tray in salmon orange

Breaking paradigms with boldly-tinted bathrooms

As we have highlighted in previous posts, coloured bathrooms are gaining ground as a form of personal expression and groundbreaking design.

At mcbath we understand the importance of creating unique bathrooms that reflect the personality and vision of each user, and orange shower trays are a key part of achieving this.

 Orange shower trays fit in perfectly with this trend, offering a creative way to experiment with the colour palette in the bathroom. Whether you want to stand out from the crowd or go for maximum personalisation, settling for the conventional is no longer an option; bathrooms can now be as bold and full of life as any other room in the home.

Orange bathroom shower tray
Cotton Silk shower tray in salmon orange

It is vital that innovation and design excellence go hand in hand with quality and functionality. 

Our shower trays, whether orange or any other shade, are not just visually striking but also manufactured to the highest quality standards. Practicality, durability and strength are fundamental pillars of our design approach.

How to combine an orange bathroom by creating captivating contrasts

Orange, being a warm and striking tone, can create attractive contrasts with more neutral shades such as white, beige or grey. This not only adds visual depth to the orange bathroom, but also enhances the beauty of the overall design.

Orange bathroom
Cotton Silk shower tray in salmon orange 

To reinforce the warmth of an orange bathroom, playing with materials such as wood, for example in lamps, shelves and flooring, is a great choice. This harmonious mix of orange and wood tones helps to create a cosy atmosphere.

Opting for trendy finishes, such as gold and brushed copper for some pieces such as taps or mirror profiles, results in modern luxury bathrooms.

Orange pairs particularly well with the various shades of green. Opting for accessories such as textiles in this colour or incorporating plants is a way to give the space a more natural appearance. It is also possible to create a bold two-tone bathroom with this symbiosis of warm and cool colour that enhances the connection with nature and thus promotes the well-being of the user.

Green and orange bathroom
Green and orange bathroom

The power of colour to transform spaces and elevate experiences is inexhaustible. It's the path to the future where bathroom design breaks free from convention and embraces the boldness of the most surprising tones, like those found in these items:

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