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How to fit a resin shower tray

15 Feb, 2022

Fitting a resin shower tray is a job for expert hands. At mcbath we are committed to making installations quicker and making the work of professionals easier. This post contains step-by-step instructions on how to fit a shower tray.

Shower trays have infinite advantages. First of all, they brighten the space making any bathroom seem more spacious, this is especially helpful when dealing with projects in smaller bathrooms.

At mcbath we manufacture extra-flat resin shower trays, which are lighter, more resistant and more durable over time, making them the perfect allies for quick installation.

Unlike bathtubs, shower trays are accessible and slip-resistant, so they promote safety on a daily basis. Our shower trays are eco-friendly and use 25% recycled polyester resin, a solution which also allows us to save water, contributing to sustainability.

Fitting a shower tray is an efficient and sustainable way to achieve a state of relaxation. 

Resin shower trays can be installed flush to the floor or raised. Here are the steps on how to fit a resin shower tray, making the professionals’ work easier. 

Before installing a shower tray: mistakes to avoid

Before installing a shower tray in the bathroom, there are a number of potential pitfalls we cannot overlook:

  • Forgetting cleanliness. Although it may seem obvious, cleaning the area where the old bathtub was installed is necessary. Once this is done, there will be a point on the floor where the drain is located, which will be connected to the valve of the new shower tray via a tube. In most cases, this tube is flexible. It is essential to respect the downward slope to facilitate water drainage, as well as to clean the drainage point and the valve with cleaning products designed for PVC.
  • Setting the shower tray on an unstable surface. Once the correct amount of sand and cement has been placed on the surface for installing the resin shower tray, it is important to check that it is stable before wetting the cement or mastic adhesive. Use a level to check it. Then, check that it drains correctly with the tray on the floor, before sticking and levelling it.
  • Not sealing the joint between the tray and the floor. In particular, if the shower tray is going to be installed flush with the floor, sealing the area between the shower tray and the rest of the floor with silicone becomes even more important. This type of signature mcbath-style shower is very aesthetic and is becoming increasingly popular. However, if this aspect is not taken into account, there is a risk of leaks and dampness that could cause issues and damage the materials.

How to fit a resinshower tray step by step

1. Carefully unpack the shower tray

Although this is an obvious step, it is important to mention that you should avoid any damage to the shower tray prior to installation handling it with care.

2. Position the drain

Mark the location of the drain on the surface where the shower tray will be installed

3. Aligns the drainage outlet

Make sure that the drainage outlet fits into the shower tray for a tight connection. If the position does not match, it may be necessary to make a splice with a PVC elbow.

4. Prepare the cement or mortar base of the shower tray

A smooth and level base of cement or mortar is the foundation for the correct placement of the shower tray and drainage outlet, and it ensures the shower tray is not deformed. The shower tray will have a 1.5cm difference in level with regard to the water outlet, avoiding any slope.

5. Fit the shower tray

Once the base is dry, apply polyurethane putty on the base and fit the shower tray. Seal any joints to prevent water leaks.

6. Make the connection to the drainage

Fit the valve ring and adjust it with screws or its thread.

7. Place the wall panels for a continuous and perfect finish

Complement the resin shower tray with our resin shower panels which allow to install a comprehensive, integrated shower solution. They can be installed on any surface, whether tile or wall.

Cómo colocar un plato de ducha

Zeus series shower tray

What do I need to install a shower tray? 

When it comes to replacing a bathtub with a resin shower tray or installing a shower tray, you mustn't forget to equip yourself with all the necessary tools and materials:

Tools needed to install shower trays

  • Pick and mace
  • Screwdriver and wrench
  • Drill
  • Meter and pencil for marking
  • Spirit level
  • Application and mortar trowels with bucket 
  • Radial or pipe-cutting saw

What materials do I need to install a resin shower tray?

  • The right shower tray for the user and the project space
  • A valve suitable for drainage
  • The faucet best suited to the space
  • PVC piping for both drainage and faucet fittings 
  • Silicone and gun
  • Plaster

What adhesive to use for a resin shower tray?

For this purpose we can use a flexible adhesive applied directly to the smooth surface of the screed. The beads of adhesive will follow a zigzag pattern which should run the full width and length of the shower pan. Most manufacturers recommend using an adhesive such as Sikaflex-11 or a similar product.

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