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How to renovate a bathroom without works


Carrying out a renovation without any hassle can seem quite a challenge. However, this just means making the necessary changes without touching any of the tiling or structures. If there is no debris produced, then we are talking about renovation without works.

Many of us have bathrooms that need modernising, but we may not want to carry out the hassle of work. Reforming a bathroom without works can give it a fresh and modern look, without the need to carry out major work, remove tiling, change drains or move any equipment. In this article, we will discuss how to renovate a bathroom without works. Minimal renovations with major impact. 

3 ideas for renovating without building work

The bathroom has traditionally been considered a purely functional space but, with the passage of time, it has gone beyond that. It has now taken on a "higher dimension", where it is shaped by your personality and routines, resulting in a unique design that is coupled with functionality. A fully customisable room adapted to the tastes and needs of people, placing them at the centre of its design.

If you want to renovate a bathroom without building work, you can start by implementing some of these ideas:

  1. Change the style of the wall or floor. One solution is to use vinyl tile flooring or wall tiles that lack their own personality. This idea, along with everything we tell you below, in the section "bathroom renovation without removing the tiles", will allow you to fully renovate your bathroom without the need for building work. 
  2. Install new lighting, especially if there is no natural light in your bathroom. You can opt for indirect lights recessed in the ceiling or walls to create a more intimate and relaxing atmosphere. Another alternative is to use accent lighting to highlight a specific element, such as a mirror in the sink area. The possibilities are endless.

Use accessories for shower trays to add an extra special touch. Experimenting with different taps and mirrors is also a good idea to give your bathroom a new look. Do not forget the towel racks, hangers, soap dishes, toilet paper holders, stools, laundry baskets, towels, etc.; their combination will dress up the bathroom and give it visual rhythm.

Bathroom renovation without removing tiles

Outdated tiles are one of the elements that can age a bathroom the most. However, removing them is often not an easy task, and replacing the old tiles would require building work and produce a lot of debris. 

Is there any option to renovate a bathroom without removing tiling? The answer is yes, and it's much easier. At mcbath we offer shower wall panels. These are continuous shower coverings that can be installed on any tile or wall surface without the need to carry out any works. 

They are made of a resistant and durable material called Acrystone®, which we also use to manufacture our shower trays. Available in Vulcano, Stone, Slate and Smooth textures, these panels provide continuity to the design of your bathroom, producing a coherent minimalist aesthetic.

These panels, as well as the shower trays, can be fully customised according to the colours on the RAL chart. But even on the standard colour chart, there are 10 different options: Blanco, Marfil, Beige, Capuccino, Fango, Perla, Cemento, Basalto, Antracita and Grafito.

For customers who are concerned about losing space in their bathroom by covering their tiles with a new bathroom wall covering without any works, it is important to highlight that these panels are extra thin, being just 9 mm and 6 mm thick. 

Their lightness and strength make them much easier to work with and they can be easily trimmed. The available sizes range from 70 to 250 cm long; and from 60 to 120 cm wide. 


Stone shower panel in white

The Stone shower panels capture the essence of bush-hammered stone and allow for quick installations, making them ideal for bathroom renovations without building work.

Renovating your washbasin and bathroom furniture without works

Replacing your washbasin and bathroom furniture is the best way to renovate this area of the home without any works, giving your bathroom a modern and up-to-date look. A successful change will give it the visual weight to make it the focus of the room. 

The best way to achieve this is to replace an old pedestal washbasin or washbasin cabinet with modern and minimalist suspended furniture. The Aire or Baltic units are the perfect example of this: structures with built-in washbasins that are ideal for small bathrooms, as they visually lighten the space. 

Baltic Washtand

It is also a good idea to replace the entire set of furniture with a countertop with an integrated washbasin made of Acrystone®, a durable, resistant and customisable material. At mcbath we offer a wide variety of different washbasins that are perfect for any type of project; from minimalist to accentuated designs, such as the Wok washbasin. 

Wok washbasin

Changing a washbasin and bathroom furniture without building work is very simple, as all you need to do is install a different option to replace them directly, without moving any drains or water inlets. 

What's more, mcbath countertops are also customisable in colour and size, so they can be combined with the other bathroom equipment. 

Shower panel in Smooth finish, Centuria shower tray and countertop with integrated washbasin

Renovating a bathtub or shower 

The final step to update a bathroom without building work is to make the necessary changes to your bathtub or shower. At this point, there are several alternatives: 

First of all, as we mentioned in another article in this blog, you can replace your bathtub with a shower tray. This will make your bathroom more comfortable and create a more fluid space, without any separations. 

And if you already have a shower tray, the best option would be to update it by replacing it with a more modern alternative. 

As you can see, decorating and renovating an old bathroom is possible without building work. All you need is the right materials, which provide the simplest and cleanest installation possible. 

Centuria Smooth shower tray

Decoration is also important 

Adding lamps and a new mirror are two simple ways to add extra warmth to your new bathroom and give it a fresh look, without any building work. You could opt for spotlights, wall lights or even a pendant light. If you have a false ceiling, you could liven up your bathroom by installing some new light sources. 

As we already mentioned, to create a relaxed atmosphere that connects you with nature, we recommend that you try biophilic design for the details. Finding room for some nature will add life to the space: add plants, choose furniture with organic shapes and natural patterns, include natural materials such as wood or resins in every element. Plants also make the room more pleasant and improve air quality.

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