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Shower Splashback Ideas


When it comes to installing a shower, and especially when swapping from a bathtub to a shower tray, this question usually arises: what are the best shower wall coverings?

Shower walls have to be completely waterproof to prevent leaks and dampness. Therefore, when installing any kind of material, it needs to be suitable for surfaces that come into contact with water.

In this article, we’ll give you some ideas for shower walls, to make whatever kind of installation, construction or bathroom renovation successful.

Splashbacks for showers

There are a few options to choose from when installing shower walls. But which one is best? Let's have a look at the options available.

1. Tiling

Tiling has always been an option for bathroom walls and shower trays. A wide variety of tiles can be installed in bathrooms. However, they do have some drawbacks.

First off, putting tiles up isn’t exactly quick and easy. You will be left with a pile of rubble as you thoroughly prepare the surface on which to fix the tiles, and you need to be expert. And, as if that weren’t enough, a small mistake during installation could cause leaks and dampness.

2. Micro-cement

This material is a very trendy choice for bathroom wall or shower tray installations. It’s a non-porous material and has a nice feel.

On the other hand, it’s not cheap, nor easy to install, as it requires the removal of any existing material and an absolutely level wall surface. Furthermore, it has a limited variety of colours and textures.

3. Marble

Undoubtedly, marble is a high resistance and aesthetically timeless material. It’s very elegant and if used in light tones can really brighten up a bathroom. However, it also requires the removal of debris, it must be delicately handled, it is very heavy, which slows down installation, and quite an expensive material that is cold to the touch.

Bathroom Splashback Sheets

The best option for installing shower walls, quickly, simply and efficiently, is the use of bathroom panels.

ideas para paredes de duchas

Vulcano Panel

This is a type of continuous shower wall overlay, without joints which provides visual continuity between the wall and shower tray. The most practical feature: it can be installed on any type of tile or wall surface, without creating debris. Speed and design.

Keep in mind that this type of overlay doesn’t require construction work, saving a lot of time and providing a significant change to the bathroom appearance without the typical mess coming from renovation.

Its lightness, strength and the fact that it’s an ultra-thin material (9 mm or 6 mm) makes transport and installation much easier. This, in addition to offering made-to-measure options, makes them the perfect material for the wall of any bathroom you’re building or renovating.

The variety of textures and colours makes this material one of the most versatile. We have four textures to choose from: vulcano, stone, slate or smooth.

In addition to the 10 standard colours (Blanco, Marfil, Beige, Capuccino, Fango, Perla, Cemento, Basalto, Antracita and Grafito), which can match the shower tray, creating even greater continuity, they can be customised in any tone from the RAL chart.

splashback shower ideas

Slate Panel

As regards measurements, the shower wall panels are also available in many sizes. Firstly, there is a wide range of sizes; from 70 to 250 cm long and from 60 to 120 cm wide. But also, because they can be cut to measure, they are completely adaptable to any space.

As they are made of Acrystone®, they possess all of this excellent material’s characteristics. They have antibacterial surfaces and are extremely easy to clean and maintain just by using soap and water.

But they also give your bathroom a total look, as the shower tray, washbasin countertop and the washbasin itself can be made of the same material, the same texture and the same colour, creating a comprehensive minimalist atmosphere throughout the bathroom.


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