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At what height should the washbasin be placed?


The bathroom has become a space where more time is spent on personal care. A place to seek calm and tranquillity. Therefore, each of its elements must be ergonomically installed in order to obtain a comfortable and functional environment.

To design an ergonomic and functional space, it is essential to place the bathroom equipment in the ideal place. In this article, we will explain the correct steps to take to install them and at what height the washbasin and its countertop should be placed.

Countertop or built-in washbasins?

Before installing the washbasin, we must choose the ideal washbasin for our bathroom according to its design. At Mcbath, we have various options for adapting to the needs of each project, and thus obtaining the perfect bathroom.

Two of the most popular designs are the countertop washbasin and the washbasin with built-in countertop.

Countertop sinks

Countertop sinks are a revived trend that, until recently, was a more vintage option. At McBath, we have opted for minimalism and organic design so that they are functional and can be fitted to any style. They are characterised by their more accentuated aesthetics.

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Wok washbasin

Washbasins with integrated countertop

The washbasins with integrated countertop are designed so that the sink is integrated into the countertop, following the premise of 'less is more'. Its advantages are spaciousness, space utilisation and ease of cleaning, as obstacles are reduced to a minimum.

Unique and versatile pieces that serve two functions in a single material: washbasin and countertop.

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Ocean washbasin

The choice we make will ensure the bathroom is aesthetic, comfortable and durable. Now it’s time to find out what height to place the sink.

Height to position a washbasin

For correct installation it is necessary to take into account the various factors that determine the height to position a washbasin:

  1. Height of user: The first factor to consider in determining at what height to place a washbasin is the height of the person or persons who will use it daily. Placing the washbasin lower than the standard size may cause muscular discomfort due to the curvature and position of the back for use. The bathroom countertop should be comfortable and the user should be fully mobile. 
    In the case of a family bathroom, the height to place a washbasin will be standard.
  2. Type of washbasin: The recommendations are to place the washbasin at a height of 80-90cm from the floor. If it is a question of knowing at what height to place a countertop washbasin, the thickness of the sink must also be taken into account so that it is not too high.
  3. Drain pipe level: Prior to installing the sink and checking the height at which you will place it, you must consider that the water inlet is compatible with the new fixture.

    Taking this into account, at what height should the sink drain be placed? Drain inlets are usually positioned between 55-60cm from the floor level, so if you install the sink at the standard height, there should be no issue. If you require it to be positioned at a higher level, adjustments to the water inlet will be necessary.

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The importance of choosing the right height for the washbasin

Choosing the correct maximum height of a washbasin is an important aspect to consider when
designing a functional and comfortable bathroom. The ideal height will depend on the
intended use of the washbasin as well as on the needs of its users.

If the bathroom is shared by different members of the family, it is advisable to choose an
average height that is comfortable for most of them. If the bathroom is to be used mainly by
people who are short in stature, it is advisable to reduce the height of the washbasin to make
it more accessible.

On the other hand, if the bathroom is designed for people with reduced mobility, installing the
washbasin at a lower height is recommended, so that it can be used from a wheelchair or
shower seat.

It is important to note that the choice of height of the hand wash basin can also influence the
ergonomics and posture of the user when washing their hands or face. Incorrect height can
put stress on the back and shoulders, which can lead to long-term discomfort and injury.

In conclusion, choosing the right height for the washbasin is essential in ensuring user comfort
and accessibility, as well as in preventing posture-related health problems.

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Ulises washbasin

Mcbath develops washbasins of various installation types, designs and materials. Integrated and countertop washbasins can be found at Acrystone® -the ultra-light and evolved resin with a wide range of options in customisation-, Acryprint® -decorated surfaces inspired by natural stone-, and in Acrymold® Solid Surface -a material that allows washbasins to be produced in organic shapes, with seamless and minimal aesthetics in matt white.

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Delios washbasin

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